A Ten-Step Plan For Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself



Do you have a dream? Are you willing to do everything in your power to make it yours?

For most of us, our goals and ambitions give our life meaning and purpose. We will do anything and everything we can to make sure we rise to success. But, are you really doing everything you can to make it yours?

We’ve all been told that the road to success is not an easy one. But if you stay on track and give yourself the best tools, you can do anything!

You can grow, build and become the person you’ve always envisioned yourself to be. And this happens once you not only start believing in yourself but investing in yourself too.


Turn your dreams into a reality


Your dream will be your reason for success. It will inspire and push you to always be more. So, use that strength and take advantage of it!

Never let the dream leave you, take it with you everywhere and anywhere. And from this, you can take that dream and formulate it into a plan.

You need to really take a look at what you want to achieve and figure out how you’re actually going to do it. A trick that we like to use is working backward. Start with your end goal and go backward listing the steps it will take to get there.

Trust us, it’s not rocket science, you just have to give yourself the time to create a strong, actionable plan that you’re forced to stick to.

Stay on top of your goals with the Getting Things Done Planner, which will help you to monitor them on a daily basis, whilst still reminding you to take care of you!


Never stop learning


You may consider yourself a bit of a smart cookie, but you need to realize that when it comes to your career there’s always room for improvement.

There’s always something you can learn or improve on, especially in the world of business. And thinking that you know more than you do can really trip you up.

So, before you go out and start living the dream do the preparation beforehand – do many valuable courses that will improve your knowledge, Future Learn is really great for this and it’s free too! Challenge yourself to learn a new thing at least once a week!

But the best way you will learn is out there experiencing. We would highly recommend you to take on a lot of internships to find your feet and gain some real experience in the field you want to smash.


Become an expert


Once you’ve got learning and improving yourself as a part of your routine, then you know you’re becoming the expert! You need to be innovative and always think outside the box.

And this sometimes isn’t the easiest thing to do, but that’s research comes into it. You want to keep putting back into your business and you can do this with the more you learn about the market.

And let us tell you, that all these resources are out there, waiting for you to find them. But they might not be on the first page of Google, you’ve got to dig deep!


Opportunities are everywhere



In order to succeed you need to know what’s going on around you and even create the opportunities yourself. Find out the events you should be going to and use particular websites like Fashion Insight to be clued up on the hottest events in town!

Everything is an opportunity, whether it’s to learn or to meet someone. Keep that in mind!


Work with people


Working together is always better than working alone. Whether you’re taking on a class project or looking for brands to partner up with, business (and life) is all about relationships.

Make sure to tell them what YOU can DO for THEM. That’s what they’ll be interested in, to create a good value deal, set your price and keep pushing.


Change your mindset



We’ve talked about this before, but if you want to make success yours – you should use a planner to change your mindset. Every time you hear a negative thought popping into your head, write it down.

Every time you make an excuse or don’t feel good enough, remember that you need to build a successful mindset by eliminating those thoughts. Write them down, don’t let them take up space in your brain and get things done! 

Transform your weaknesses into strengths


You know your strengths, you know what you’re good at. So, we bet you know what your weaknesses are too.

So, what are you doing to change this?

Take your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, it will make you a better all-rounded person. Remember, there’s nothing you can’t do, so improving on yourself will only make you unstoppable.

Highlight your weaknesses one by one and come up with a solution that will help you turn them into a strength!


Believe that you’re the sh*t


Confidence is basically the one thing you’re going to need to make it.

It’s true, you could be the brightest, smartest person in the room, but without confidence who would know it?

You need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. See yourself for who you really are – and we bet it’s a strong, brave woman who can do anything.

Focus on your strengths, because we bet you have a lot of them. By improving on your weaknesses you’ll already be improving your confidence. You just need to realize it!


Banish this one toxic word


If there’s one word that isn’t in our CGD dictionary it’s ‘can’t’ – there’s no such thing as ‘I can’t’, it’s defeatist and it doesn’t show off the best attitude.

We get that sometimes things can be really hard, and when faced with a task that seems impossible, the first and last thing you should never do is give up.

Just take a step back, can you not do something because you’re only looking at it one way? Take it from a different perspective, try doing the research somewhere else, or even ask for help.

Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself.


Choose happiness


When you choose happiness you are already inviting more positive vibes into your life.

You’ll be choosing to cut out the negativity and do the things that only make you laugh and smile, which is the most important.

This attitude will also help you to excel in your career as employers look for happy, well-rounded people who can not only motivate themselves but a team.

So invest in yourself by choosing happiness, not only in your work life but in your personal life too.




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  1. This is probably the most informative article that I have read in a long time. There are ten great subjects. We can not do all ten in one day, but….using discipline we can achieve them ONE BY ONE.

  2. Hi Ana,

    I don’t think it’s about discipline, I think it’s allowing yourself to be motivated by your dream. For that happen you have to actually believe it’s achievable.

    For example, I’ve had a side project that I’ve been wanting to start for years, but have never really done it. This month I have a new found motivation to do it, and I have the vision of the end goal and I believe I can definitely achieve it. Now that I know it’s so close all I have to do is just do it.

    So, why don’t you just do it too?

  3. Hi Margaret,

    That’s great to hear! Definitely, step by step you can do it all! There’s no time limit!

  4. Hi Janet, it does take time, that’s why you’ve got to be patient and be willing to put in the hard work!

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