All You Need To Know About Asian Beauty


Happy Friday, everyone! We’re going to begin today by sharing some fascinating beauty trends that are all the rage right now in Asia. A few of my friends gave great insight into the must-try makeup, skincare, and haircare regimens they grew up with and continue to use daily.

One of the most recent developments to come from South Korea is new technology combined with face makeup. It’s called a Color Control Cushion Compact (or CC cushion) and it’s essentially a BB or CC cream stored inside a sponge. Every time you press down on the compact with the provided makeup sponge, you get an evenly distributed amount of foundation/cream which results in a glowing, dewey finish. Reviewers are raving about it; check out AmorePacific‘s CC Cushion at Sephora in store or online.



CC and skin

Images via Hera and Elle 

A friend of mine from China, Lizzie, gave fabulous commentary on cosmetics that aligned with Jessica’s– Natural, dewey makeup is the absolute goal.

“The make up style from Korea is very popular. Because Korea produces a lot of high quality make up products that suit the skin of Asian people. We like to wear make up in a natural way. The best look happens to be like if no one can tell you are wearing make up. We like natural colors of eye shadow like brown, orange , nude color; peach or coral color for the cheeks with shimmering powder; a brown eyebrow and glowing lips maybe.”

As for hairstyles, Lizzie says that dark hair is the norm, but that “some young fashion girls in Asia also like to dye part of their hair into blue, green, purple, pink and so on.”


Image via StyleNanda

Last but not least, I spoke to two of the happiest and most glowing girls I know, Prakriti and Mounica, who are both from India. Prakriti gave me some amazing insight into the styles and fashion culture of India. I asked Mounica if there were any regimens that she loves and/or misses since moving to Europe…

“I miss hair oils. In India, there are a wide range of hair oils available (especially coconut oil). For my face, I use curd and gram flour (sounds weird, right?). But it’ s a common regime in India for exfoliation.”

After researching these trends and talking with the ladies about them, I’ve become determined to try a bunch. It’s really all about being, feeling, and looking healthy and radiant. The time and effort these women put into their skin and haircare astounds me and makes me want to be better at it myself. Have you tried any specific beauty regimens from another country? Let us know about your experiences and suggestions below!



Remember: Before using any new beauty, skincare, or haircare products, be sure to read all warnings and instructions thoroughly to guarantee safety and best results. :)


  • Courtney

    It doesn’t surprise me that Asia has their own beauty trends. When I used to sell Mary Kay and I attended the National Convention in Dallas Texas I notice that the packaging in Asia, was totally different than the packaging used in the United States. The packaging from Asia was a lot prettier. This was about 8 years ago, so maybe you could say that, the packaging trend has gotten a lot trendier in the states as well.

    Interesting Post!

  • Kasey LK

    I like using CC cream, I live near asia btw!
    if you want to check out my

  • Van Ritchie

    I’m a foodie but also a lover of style and fashion. Recently I have been looking at people who blog on beauty and makeup and have been so fascinated. Gosh it is another world altogether. And the different ways culture impacts styling and makeup is incredible. Thanks for posting this and I loved reading the post and appreciate the photos too.

  • Sophie

    I am in LOVEEEEE with Korean cosmetics & skin care. They opened a bunch of Face Shop’s here, as well as a Missha & Holika Holika. The thing that gets me though…the cute packing. I’m a sucker for cute packaging lol

    Sophie |

  • Kelly Brito

    I’m such a fan of Korean beauty standards and techniques. They really are masters.
    As for Indian girls, they have one of the most beautiful skin complexion, in my opinion. The way they do the makeup complements their beauty -the eyes are always perfect!