We Asked The CGD Team To Draw Their Goals


You know what’s fun on a Monday afternoon? Sitting in the hot sunshine and getting creative with pens and paper. Here at CGD HQ we decided to relive our childhood days, buy some colorful pens and draw our goals.

I learned that every twenty-something wants their own place, and also that the CGD team aren’t very good at drawing dogs. We were like little kids, scribbling away, giggling at each other’s drawings. But actually, it was really cathartic. We learned a lot about each other, including a surprising animal that Sophie wants to have when she gets older.

Putting our goals down on paper means we have to be really intentional about them too. If you want to de-stress and re-focus at the same time, this is absolutely how to do it. Here’s what the team said about their works of art…

Our goals are all on Snapchat, so to see a more in-depth video of our hilarious dog drawing mishaps, follow us @careergirldaily.



Celina – Creative Director 

“When I’m in my forties, I really would love to move to a country where it’s warm, or at least have a house there. That was the main thing I drew today.”

Ellen – Sales Director 

“Seeing as much as possible of the world, with my family, while working. That would be ideal for me.”

Beth – Managing Editor

“My drawing was fun, but watching everyone else’s was much better. I think partying being a major part of my goals says a lot…”

Sophie – Editorial Intern

“Getting onto the property ladder and getting my first place is definitely on top of my list. It was an interesting experience because you could see that a lot of us had the same goals.”

Anaelle – Fashion Intern 

“I think that if you truly believe in your dreams you can achieve all of them. I’ve already reached some of my goals and the future can only be brighter!”

Layna – Beauty Intern 

“Owning my own house and working for myself would probably be the top of my list. And as many animals as I can fit in the house…”


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  1. I love this!!! How many of us list goals and leave it in the notes in your page a day diary. Im going to draw my dreams and them somewhere

    Amy | http://www.yankified.com

  2. That is a great idea ! It is a kind of a vision board (can do it on pinterest or using magazines great way to remember where we want to get to)


  3. Very creatively dealing with one of the most important things in life .. Dreams ..

  4. Love this, gonna draw my goals but also write them down, and then place them on my bedroom wall.

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