Author: Anjana Varsani


5 Important Things You Must Learn About A Company Before Your Interview

That  strange feeling of anticipation and fear you get before an interview can be so dreadful, even more so if you haven’t done your homework! The most crucial part of preparing for your interview is doing your research, it allows you to feel better equipped and confident when answering questions. Without a doubt they’re going to ask you: why you …

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Beauty Tip: Have Softer Skin Than Ever With This Tinted Moisturizer

The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is a must have especially if you’re getting tired of applying your foundation every morning. Let’s face it, we would all love to leave the house without wearing makeup but we girls never do. Tinted moisturizers have been out-shined by BB and CC creams but a good tinted moisturizer that works is definitely worth talking about. …