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Wendy Nguyen

Style Insights from Asia

Earlier today, we read about a few popular beauty tips from China, Korea, and India. To finish those thoughts, let’s look at the side of fashion and style! Check out the following tips and photos to add some amazing Asian influence into your wardrobe. Lizzie, from China says, “There are diverse styles that you could see on the streets. But from my experience, a lot of girls now prefer to wear a dark-colored, oversized cashmere or wool coats with a pair of tight jeans. Because this set can match different shoes, bags and other accessories. For example, if you put on a pair of sneakers with a backpack, then you look like a student. But if you want to look chic and sharp, then you put on a pair of high heels and maybe a designer’s clutch or shoulder bag. I think it might be the similar fashion style for the girls all over the world.” Some of Lizzie’s favorite fashion follows on Instagram: Ysubini, Aimee Song, Sama Z, and Ann Li Image sources- clockwise from …


Asian Beauty 411

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re going to begin today by sharing some fascinating beauty trends that are all the rage right now in Asia. A few of my friends gave great insight into the must-try makeup, skincare, and haircare regimens they grew up with and continue to use daily. To start things off, I spoke with my former roommate Jessica, who lived in South Korea for years teaching English and working at the schools. I asked her about a few trends that she learned about while there and if anything stood out to her. “They generally aim for a more classy, clean look… Most moisturizers and foundations have ‘brightening’ agents in them to give them a whiter, more even complexion. The Koreans invented BB and CC cream, so they are masters of making your face look clean and evenly toned.” One of the most recent developments to come from South Korea is new technology combined with face makeup. It’s called a Color Control Cushion Compact (or CC cushion) and it’s essentially a BB or CC cream stored inside a sponge. Every …


London Street Style

One of my favorite things about this city is the diversity of fashion and individual style everywhere you look. What are a lot of girls wearing in London these days? Layers, obviously, along with heavy scarves and black or brown boots. Neutrals are always a big hit and an easy go-to choice if you’re having a hard time deciding what to wear (I get excited when I find a girl wearing bright colors; it’s rare in the city’s Winter months!). Fresh, natural faces and windswept hair top off the looks of these beautiful urban women out on the town. While we’re expecting more color and pastel shades to appear any day now, blacks, jewel tones, and dark hues are still running the sidewalks. Other London must-haves: Spacious shoulder bags, long coats, opaque black tights, and a good pair of skinny jeans. Check out these stores for a good selection of basics: H&M, Zara, Gap, Forever21, and Top Shop. All images by Caty Gainer  

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Career Girls on the Go

m4s0n501 Hello CGD readers! Starting today, we’re introducing a new street-style feature called “Career Girls on the Go.” I’ll be going out into the city, meeting everyday women, and quickly chatting with them about their work lives, personal daily routines, and fashion choices. Today I met a handful of happy and radiant women on their way to lunch, work, or the gym. Here are a few highlights from the sunny afternoon… Andrea and Karen are co-workers at an interior architecture company. Among many brands, they love to shop at Mango and Zara. Both were doing a trendy job staying warm today in dark/jewel tones, boots, and big scarves.   I ran into these colorful ladies, Cookie and Hollie, as they were out getting some fresh air while working for the UK-based charity Comic Relief. Two of the best smiles I saw all day!   This gorgeous girl was more than happy to let me snap a shot of her chic dress and slouchy knee-high boots while on her lunch break. Her all-time favorite brand? She says, “Everything by Chloe.” Check …

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Need to Organize Your Wardrobe? There’s an App for That.

  Now that the weather is (hopefully) about to get warmer around the globe, traveling will be on the mind and that means trying to fit everything you want and need into a couple of bags. One thing I have always struggled with is packing! I am a horrible over-packer. Even if I make a list of the outfits I want to wear during a trip, I always end up stashing something in the deep, dark corners of my suitcase, just in case I’m in the mood to wear it, too. This means two things: I spend my time lugging around unneeded weight; and I don’t have room to bring back the goodies and souvenirs I will inevitably want to buy. Well recently, I met this new app. It’s called ClosetSpace and it’s a game changer… images from the coveteur It’s part Pinterest (where you can search for and save your favorite wardrobe items), but more than anything, it resembles Cher’s famous outfit simulator in Clueless that helps her find something fabulous to wear to school everyday. …