Author: Juliana Chow

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How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrows are everywhere and anywhere these days, from runaway models to Instagram #browperfection, eyebrows are the most talked about beauty obsession of our time. Nowadays there are hundreds of make-up products on the market that will help you achieve your desired eyebrow look. You can even get thick Cara eyebrows with eyebrow extensions, that is apparently getting increasingly popular. Not that the …


8 Easy Beauty Secrets You Don’t Know Yet

We constantly absorb new information, beauty tips, and tricks from everywhere, whether it is browsing Instagram and Pinterest or reading our favourite magazines. Though we all know that busy Career Girls don’t always have time for that while doing super important things with their lives. That is why I have searched through the internet for beauty secrets that that you may …


10 Essential Tips For Better Travel Pictures

It is the season of exotic holidays and tourists wandering the cities around the world. In our modern world, social sharing has become more important than ever (#truthspeaking), and getting the right picture before uploading is essential. Going to Rome, Paris, India? Wherever you are going next, we’ve got you covered with great tips and tricks on how to improve …