The Bad Habit We All Have That Can Make Us More Productive

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Okay okay, I know what you’re going to say! Procrastination is basically another word for ‘time wasting’, or that moment you let out the havoc-wreaking monkey in your brain! How could it possibly be a good thing?

Well here’s the thing. Procrastination has a bad reputation, but sometimes, just sometimes, it can help you become a better, all-rounded and generally brilliant person. Here’s why:

It can broaden your knowledge
All those hours you spend on Quora? Maybe they’re not strictly productive, but I’ll bet you know a lot more about the world now! It may be that something isn’t deemed traditionally ‘useful’ by society, but if you’re gaining knowledge and learning about new things, (as opposed to pretending to work on something you aren’t mentally ready for!) perhaps it isn’t so unproductive after all!

You’ll find out what you really love
They always say that the job you end up in should be something you would do even if you weren’t getting paid. Think about all the things you do whilst you’re procrastinating. What websites do you read? Are there any projects you work on? Anything you absolutely love doing so much that you ignore your work to do it? Perhaps you should look into doing that full-time!

It helps you connect to the world
How many times has procrastinating led you on to a random blog post in a dusty corner of the internet where you empathized so greatly with the writer that you ended up leaving a page-long comment to tell them you totally agree and, by the way, are we soul sisters? These kinds of events should NOT make you feel guilty, even if they did occur during a particularly powerful phase of procrastination. You are connecting to the world and starting new conversations! What can be more interesting, insightful and productive than that?

It helps you brainstorm new ideas
As you procrastinate, you are absorbing new information. It may not be the information you had planned on absorbing, but you’re still filling yourself with new knowledge and ideas. Sometimes, these ideas lead on to new ideas, and hallelujah! You’ve just had a lightbulb moment. Productive? We think so.

Feed your ambition
Watching TED talks or stories about impressive, up-and-coming career girls is not only highly instructional, but it can also help you grow your ambition and motivate you on your path to success. Seeing all these fellow human beings achieving great things? A total game changer.


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  1. I find my phone is the ultimate arch enemy to getting things done! I often leave it in my bedroom and set up camp at the kitchen table with my laptop in offline mode so I can get a good chunk of writing done, otherwise the snapchat filters and buzzfeed articles suck me into their abyss!

    Kelly x

  2. Great article, there are always good and bad sides to things, we don’t talk enough about the positive aspects of proscrastination. You also provided great tips :D I would add one benefit: Having a break ! being focused for hours can only make you exhausted more than anything …

  3. I love this post! I’m not sure I need any more encouragement to procrastinate but at least I can feel a bit less guilty about not doing my work now.

  4. Very positive outlook about procrastination! I’m always ‘productively procrastinating’ I find little jobs to do instead of the thing I’m meant to be doing! xx

    Phoebe & Abida |

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