4 Bad Habits That Are Stopping You From Becoming Successful


Career Girl Daily will come to life on Sunday 10th September with the return of our sold out event The Career Girl Academy!

This time, we’re talking about everything you need to build a super successful business, starting with the bad habits you need to break if you want to get ahead. So reserve a guaranteed place when you get your tickets here. You can also buy tickets to the last Career Girl Academy online here! Talita Ferreira is the former CFO of BMW and she’s going to be kicking off the day with her talk on how to overcome the struggles young entrepreneurs face! So, here are the bad habits she’s going to teach you to break…


1. Underestimating yourself

Ready to feel super confident? On the day, Talita will be teaching you how to become a leader using your own self-confidence. You’ve gotta fake it before you make it, so she’s gonna be sharing the tips and tricks to feel more confident in any situation. Talita has 22 years of experience as an entrepreneur and high powered executive, meaning she knows how to instantly feel more confident.

2. Letting people get to you 

Want to know how to deal with difficult people? Don’t we all. Negativity has no place in a successful woman’s life. In Talita’s talk, she will share the strategies she swears by to deal with people who want to push your buttons and avoid tense or confrontational situations. She’ll also be teaching you how to identify negative people, so you can work on being super positive!

3. Trying to be perfect

These days there is too much pressure on being perfect, Talita believes this is the fastest way to get a burnout. She wants everyone to break free from too much organization and stop trying to be perfect, and after years as the CFO of BMW, she has some super cool tips and tricks to stop going crazy over perfectionism and start living your life to the full!

4. Neglecting your ‘me time’ 

The most successful women have nailed it, you know. They know when to turn their phone off and slam their laptop shut. They know when it’s important to be them. It’s something we all struggle with. But don’t worry Talita will help you create the perfect work/life balance once and for all. In her talk she will share how waking up extra early helped her create the life she wanted, the strategies she uses to chill out and rebalance and how to stop working without feeling guilty. I think we all need her advice!

Book your place now – and learn how to turn your passion into a career. We really can’t wait to meet you there! PS. spaces are limited! Get your tickets here!


  • Merry Conner

    So wish this was accessible online as in live streaming. Thanks for all the wonderful tips and ideas. I really enjoy everything you share with us.

    • MILA

      I second that! If only 🙌

      🌷 Mila
      – http://www.topknotkindaday.com –

  • Annie

    by trying to be good enough and accepted by others we create an unreal image of perfection that we cant live up to… realising our imperfection we then reject ourselves and this erodes our self – confidence and self – esteem