All Bases Covered: How To Color Correct Like A Makeup Artist

‘If done right it can totally improve your complexion!’


Every time I meet a makeup artist I end up spending a good twenty minutes picking their brains about the trickier trends in the makeup world. I have to say my latest fave is color correcting, it’s good for hiding your hangover face and covering up that zit, and while it might look a bit fantastical – if done right it can totally improve your complexion!

Here’s how:

1. Check your color wheel
“Artists use the color wheel to see which tones complement each other. The main colors you’ll see on your face are blue-green, red and purple. A lot of women struggle with redness around their nose and cheeks, and the best way to base your makeup to combat redness is with green. Similarly blue-green is cancelled by red and purple tones need peaches and yellows.”

2. Don’t be intimidated by the colors
“You’ll probably look at the array of colors and wonder why on earth you’d put them on your face but once you add your foundation everything will blend together. Figure out what tones you want to cancel out and go from there, I have a few favorites to use on clients Yves Saint Laurent Neutralizers are perfect for easy swipe coverage, Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color is great for all complaints and so pretty, and there’s Kiko Cosmetics Color Correction Concealer Wheel which is great because it gives you all the colors you might need in one compact palette.”

3. Cover it don’t smudge it
“The technique is easy. Color correct your areas, let’s say you add a little green under your nose and some red and peach onto your eyes, all you have to do is cover it well. Take a stick foundation like Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation, rub it onto the back of your hand and add a few pumps of your favorite moisturizer to it and mix before using your foundation sponge to gently pat it onto your face, this ensures you have hydrated and well-covered skin. Add powder to minimize the shine and voil√° – even complexion.”


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