How To Beat The Holiday Stress In Just 5 Minutes



Christmas connects all a lot of us all around the world. It’s the one time of year we where we all appreciate family and be grateful for the ones we love the most. But modern-day Christmas can get a little crazy and I know I’m not the only one feels very stressed and anxious this time of year. It’s everything from getting the house ready to worry about finances. We want the season to be perfect and therefore the holidays can be a little stressful. But there’s a simple way you can combat all of that! So, if you want to beat the holiday stress in just five minutes this year then read below:


1. Be prepared wherever you go

Neom Organics Real Luxury De-Stress Kit $27 available here

Neom Organics are amazing. We have an energizing candle in the office and we always light it when we need a little boost! This little set will help you create a calm space even when you’re rushing around buying last-minute gifts. They even do hand creams that you can hold to your nose to give your instant stress relief. Buy it here.


2. Make your bed a de-stress zone

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body Oil $71 available here

This oil won’t only help you relax but will make your skin silky smooth. It’s really good to use every evening after your bath and before you cozy up in your PJs. The scent will help you relax and the oil will soak into your muscles leaving you to feel very calm and relaxed. One of its ingredients Ylang-Ylang is a herb that’s infamous for anxiety relief too! Buy it here,

3. Breathe deeply

This Works Stress Check Breathe In $30 available here

I keep one of these in my handbag and it comes with me wherever I go. It’s perfect for taking away stress and just calming you down. It’s infused with natural scents and oils that won’t make you drowsy but instead relaxes you. It also contains Lavender Oil that will make those restless nights a little less restless. Buy it here.


4. Relax and refresh

Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist $34 available here

Why not mix beauty and relaxation together. This mist will help calm your mind, give your skin a boost and make you feel more refreshed. I usually love using these in summer, but this gentle, calming mist is perfect for soothing not only the mind but the skin, which is needed with the cold weather’s attack on our skin. Buy it here.


5. Give yourself a boost from the inside

Moondeli Supplement Trio Set $28 available here

I love, love, love this set. It includes three blends that will help you conquer any part of your day ensuring you’ll be the best version of yourself. The supplements will look after your body, give you peace of mind and increase your energy and brain function. So whenever you’re feeling a little low and need a little boost mix with any of your favorite beverages! Buy it here.


Do the holidays make you feel a little anxious? Let us know in the comments section below


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