4 Ways To Start Your Monday Strong


One thing everyone wants to know about is how successful people start their day. But a Monday isn’t just like any other day. It’s definitely a little different. Monday is the start to your week, it sets the tone for your week, month, and year. It’s the jumping off point for everything you want to achieve. If you don’t love Monday’s, you’re doing something wrong.

I get you, maybe you just like the extra time in bed, but being a Career Girl means loving every day – including Monday. So here’s how to start strong!

Sleep But Don’t Snooze

So it turns out that lost sleep is much harder than first thought to catch up on. So beat your tiredness at its own game but getting an early night on Sunday. When your alarm goes off in the morning don’t hit snooze though! Repeatedly hitting snooze gives both your brain and body ‘false starts’ and you’ll end up starting the day feeling groggy. I’ve disabled my snooze button now and I just get up and go, which makes me feel so much more energized!

Hit The Ground Running

I know you don’t want work to cut into your weekends – weekends are your time to relax and recharge. However, one of the major causes of stress and anxiety is not having enough time on Monday morning. So to make your Mondays better, devote a little bit of time on Sunday to get everything ready to go. Trust me, this extra time will give you the best possible start! Lay out your clothes the night before and make sure your handbag is packed with everything you need. Charge up your devices and, if you meal prep on weekends make sure you’ve got lunch ready for Monday. Doing all of this on Sunday and not on Monday morning will make your morning much easier and smoother.

Make Mondays Your Favorite Day

Get to organize your own schedule? First of all #winning and second of all, dedicate your Mondays to your favorite work tasks. If you’re a true Career Girl you should actually look forward to it. Change your mindset, change your life! When you feel those negative thoughts creeping in, simply look for a positive spin, embrace happiness and it will make all the difference.

Factor In The Fun

Mondays are usually the day when we embark on something – whether it’s a new work project or a grueling workout regimen. So buck the trend. Instead, start your day with a leisurely walk through the park or grab your favorite burger for lunch instead of celery sticks and hummus. Make Monday your cheat meal day! If you are trying to lose weight or stay healthy, make Monday night your night for watching your favorite shows (I hear Girlboss and Riverdale are super juicy and addictive!). Make Monday night your night when you Netflix and chill!


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  • Trisa Taro

    Great post! I’m all about making Mondays my most productive days of the week and now I can work on making it my overall favorite!



    I always get my bag and food ready the night before- it makes such a difference in the day!!


  • AnotherMaria

    How perfect that this is one of the first articles I receive, I started changing things up last Monday so that I will actually look forward to Mondays. Great tips!

  • trulyfionaa

    This is a really nice post! Thanks for sharing :)


  • dreamofadventures

    and a nice big cup of coffee =o)