6 Beauty Products That Will Instantly Relieve Stress

beauty products relieve stress
photo: Tata Harper


This time of the year can be stressful, it’s totally normal – with presents to buy, people to see, office parties and everything to get done before Christmas. Stress can make you feel overwhelmed and frazzled, so to get you back on track for the holiday season you need to have a moment to yourself. Shut the door, relax, unwind and treat yourself with these 6 beauty products that will instantly relieve stress.



Best for . . . the desk-drawer

When stress and anxiety get too much, you need soothing and uplifting aromatherapy to help you take some deep breaths and keep going. Tata Harper’s Aromatic Stress Treatment contains Frankincense and neroli to dispel nervous tension and aid relaxation. Apply it behind your ears, on either side of your throat and on the inside of your wrists for instant calm. You can keep it on your bedside table or desk drawer! Available here.


Best for . . . the morning after

When you just need to shut the world out and unwind, this ten-minute eye treatment has anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients to let you close your eyes and forget the world around you. The Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask is Perfect for an evening pamper routine, the stress relieving mask has caffeine, aloe vera, and cucumber in it to hydrate your skin as well as help you bring some calm into your life. Available here.



Best for . . . high stress situations

If you need an instant spritz of relaxation, the Rescue Remedy Spray is your hero product. It’s great for office life, commuting, exams, or any other stresses. The spray contains five flower essences, Rock Rose for panic, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum.You can put four drops in your drink or spray onto your tongue as often as required for fast inner-calm. Available here.



Best for . . . de-stressing your skin

This purifying sheet mask is enriched with detoxifying mung bean sprout to get perfect clear skin. The act of applying the Wei Mung Bean Sheet Mask creates a moment of calm, but the scent and feeling of this particular sheet mask helps to calm nerves and fight stress. Available here.



Best for . . . a mindful moment (and super soft skin!)

This oil restores and nourishes skin, nails and hair. It contains sunflower, safflower, and seed oil as well as rose extract. Rose is known as one of the top 7 essential oils for anxiety and stress, massaging this super silky oil into your skin while taking deep calming breaths will definitely give you a mindful moment. Available here.



Best for . . . relaxing and de-stressing in the bath

This delicately fragranced bath oil is both calming and moisturizing. Rose Otto oil’s scent is known for stress relieving and soothing properties and will leave your skin smelling ever so faintly of roses. What’s not to love? Available here.


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