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Having a friend who’s a trained makeup artist has its benefits, for sure, and I’m not talking about discounts in stores. I’m talking about those tips and tricks that only someone who’s learned extensively from experts knows. As always in the name of Career Girl Daily, I pestered my friend (and trained makeup artist!) Sophie to tell me about those makeup rules that none of us follow but probably should. Here’s what she told me:

Rule 1. Define Your Eyebrows

“Apply concealer with a small concealer brush around your eyebrows to act as a guideline before you fill them in. Actually do this first before you put any foundation on. If your eyebrows are thin you can draw the concealer line a little further out than your natural eyebrow line, and fill it with a brow gel or powder to create a thicker brow.

Once you are happy with the shape within your guideline, fill in with your eyebrow color and then buff away the excess concealer around the brow. The results are ultra-tidy, defined and on point brows!”

Rule 2. Don’t Waste Money

“Stop spending your money on expensive eyeliner brushes, and buy paintbrushes instead! Paintbrushes are a quarter of the price of most branded makeup brushes, and work wonders with far better results!

Find your local art shop and buy yourself a size 2 fine liner paint brush. Pair this with your liquid eyeliner and you will ask yourself why you never thought of this before! It glides on easily and creates a tidy and smooth line, most makeup artists know this and keep one or two paint brushes in their tool kit.”

Rule 3. Fix Unfixable Eyeliner Mistakes

“If you’ve lined your eye and it’s driving you mad because it’s not straight, don’t freak out. It happens to the best of us, it can even happen on a client, just use an angled brush and black eyeshadow to glide over the line and you’ll suddenly find your eyeliner looks as straight as can be – magic! No one will ever know.”

Rule 4. Make Sure You’re Lipstick Ready

“One major rule is to make sure your lips are ‘lipstick ready’, even when you apply balm before hand it can ruin the application. We all know little tricks like mixing brown sugar with moisturizer to make a quick and easy lip scrub. This is the best way to prep your lips for a matte lipstick. Blot your lips afterward and go in with your lip liner and lipstick. For an extra crisp lip, outline them slightly with concealer.”

Rule 5. You Can Mattify A Lipstick At Home

“If you’re lusting over Kylie’s matte colors but have nothing similar in your collection, use an eyeshadow brush to dab a similar matte eye shadow color over your lipstick. You can seal this with a lipstick sealer like Lipcote to avoid getting eyeshadow pigment over all your glasses, too.”Eye glitter and pigments

Rule 6. Keep Your Pigments On Your Eyelids

“Eye glitter and pigments are lovely until you end up with it on your cheeks by the end of the night? Mix eye glitters and pigments with a mixing medium so that the glitter doesn’t fall off! It also emphasizes the shine!”

Rule 7. Don’t Be Afraid Of Falsies

“Major issues applying false strip eyelashes? Cut them into 2 or 3 sections and apply them next to each other one by one – so much easier!”

Rule 8. Face Your Fears

“Finally, on a more general note, do the thing that scares you most! If you’re terrified of eyeliner, make a point to do it every day (before you go to bed if you don’t want anyone to see!) and I promise you you’ll be an expert in no time! A steady hand helps but practice is the real secret to professional makeup technique.”

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