Inspiring Career Lessons From Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh

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When it comes to the accomplishments of Millie Mackintosh, it’s hard to think of something that she isn’t an inspiration in. From fashion to food she comes across as pretty much perfection in all areas of life, and seems to dominate in everything that she does. With her own fashion line, successful blog, reality TV career and relationship with rapper/singer-songwriter Professor Green, she’s the envy of every girl and the perfect inspiration as a successful woman.

#1 Stand on your own two feet.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, including a great-great grandfather known as the ‘Toffee King’ and a great-grandfather who created the much-loved quality street (how she has that figure is a mystery), Mackintosh was destined for a life of great success. But having wealth behind her didn’t stop her from standing on her own two feet, and her career stemmed from a long line of independent success.

#2 Be brave

Finding fame as one of the stars on E4 reality show Made in Chelsea, there was never a dull moment with her on the screen. It might not have been a career choice all of us would make but Millie made the decision based on her own goals and ambitions and stuck by it, the TV show gave her some much needed exposure, now she’s releasing a book and is known for her love of fashion, beauty and food.

#3 Do what you love

Millie took to the world of beauty and quickly became an icon in both the world of fashion and the world of make up. Acting as an inspiration for bloggers, Mackintosh has her own website, YouTube channel and features in just about every magazine there is offering her beauty tips. And if that wasn’t enough, her Instagram is filled with inspiration on all of the above, with the edition of her clean-eating meals and extensive workout routines. Her bikini snaps are enough to make anyone put down the biscuit in their hands, and her perfectly picked outfits will have you wishing you had the money to splash out on expensive clothes.

As a truly inspiring and successful career girl there’s a lot to be learned (and be jealous of) when it comes to Millie Mackintosh. From her lavish lifestyle to her dream job, she’s pretty much living the life every girl dreams of and setting a long line of footsteps to be followed along the way.


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