How To Become A Happier Person In Just One Week

photo: Badlands


If there’s one thing we all want, it’s happiness. It’s such a common goal that we devote our lives to the pursuit of it. For example, if I asked you to imagine what happiness looks like, I bet you that it’s not where you currently are but somewhere you’d rather be. For most of us, we wish it could be as simple as snapping our fingers. But what if I told you it could be? Because happiness is something people are constantly working towards rather than just embracing. And below I’ll show you how you can do just that:

Get your ducks in a row:

If there’s one thing we all do, it’s ignoring the fact that we hold on to a lot of negativity. Sometimes we keep people in our lives we shouldn’t. In situations like these, I like to view myself as if I was an outsider looking in. It’s like when we watch a TV show and some amazing girl won’t leave this loser even though he treats her like a cr*p. We all scream at her to leave him. So, sometimes you’ve got to take your own advice. You need to sit down with yourself and go through your entire life, keep what makes you happy, ditch what makes you sad. De-clutter it like you would your house. Remove the unnecessary stuff that’s no longer part of you.

Put your life into perspective:

Do you know that feeling, the one you get when the world is beautiful, and everything is great, but you dwell on what’s missing? Like when you’re a successful, career girl and you’ve got the world at your feet, but you haven’t got a partner? The point is, there’s always a downside. But instead, don’t focus on what you don’t have, but what you do have. For me, I tell myself it could always be worse. I just think time goes by so quickly, one minute I was a kid playing in the street and now I’m an adult complaining about bills. So when life is so short, and I woke up today, why would I choose to be unhappy?

Reach out

Whenever I’m down in the blues a quick phone call to mom always sorts me out. But, even a girlfriend that just “gets you” will do the job. Having a good chat with the girls or escaping home for the weekend to see family can really do a world of good. I always feel refreshed and reborn after going back home, like I’m ready to tackle the world again. Because when things get a little tough, there’s no one better to rely on than the people who love you. And sometimes it’s ok to lean on them.

Put your strengths to work

Self-reflection is a really good in helping you to better understand yourself. You’ll be focusing on your positive traits that can help you excel, which will naturally lead to you feeling happier. Think about your five strengths and put them to work. Include them in your daily life and it will leave you feeling more fulfilled and confident! Because there’s a reason you’re a boss!

Be optimistic

I quite like to think of myself as quite optimistic anyway, but when I think about it, I wouldn’t just say ‘yes’ to everything… would you? But it’s really good to try out new things even if you don’t think you will like them. You’ll be making new experiences that keep your mind stimulated and excited – it’s the way to live life and could be the key to happiness.


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