How To Become Indispensable In A Company

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In a world of uncertainty and fixed term contracts it’s difficult to feel secure in a role

There is often that feeling of instability. If someone does not feel certain about their future within an organisation it can lead to a serious drop in productivity levels. One thing every career girl must do is make themselves indispensable. This will lead to a greater level of job security and allow you to feel safe if there are job losses on the horizon.

The question is how do you make yourself indispensable? Here are our top 5 tips!

Start strong from the absolute beginning

It may be tempting to procrastinate a little and take it easy in the first few weeks/months in a new job. Our advice- don’t do it! Be known as a safe pair of hands from day one. First impressions count for so much. Make sure your first impression is nothing but excellent.


Be organized

Every office has that super organised person. Be that person. The one who has all the contact numbers, stationery or IT skills. People love being able to rely on others. Being organised will mean bosses and colleagues will need you.

Spot areas where the company needs help

If your organisation lacks something important, get yourself some skills in that area. Maybe their website is unprofessional or their filing system is outdated. Jump in and offer to help. The benefits will be endless.

Ask for training

Employers love staff who are keen. Ask for extra training so you may pick up some skills that are lacking in the office. This is particularly true when it comes to external courses. Come back and share the knowedlge. You won’t fail to impress.

Always say yes!

This is a favourite of ours. Everyone loves to be around positive happy people. Say yes to even the most mundane of tasks. Your co-workers will come to depend on you and you will soon find you are indispensable.

When others rely and depend on you for your skill set, reliability or all round willingness to help, then you have managed something which is often very difficult. Being indispensable is crucial to job security. In turn you will feel happier, more productive and be well on the road to success.

By Catherine Murphy

  • Camille Beygui

    Amazing tips


  • Jess (It’s That Time for)

    Love these tips! I’m guilty of over-eating during this period. I’m definitely going to eat my veggies first this year x

    Jess | It’s That Time For…

  • Nicola Woodstock

    All good points here, but when does being indispensable become taken for granted?
    I have been helpful and eager to learn in every role I’ve been in, due to my own desire to get ahead and become as knowledgeable as possible about the business I’m working for, and in some cases it has worked to my advantage and in others I have felt taken advantage of.
    I think it’s a fine line between giving someone the chance to grow within a company and someone who is given a task because they know you’ll just say yes for fear of saying no. I think you need to notice when this is happening and say ‘yes’ to the things that will truly benefit you and not just because someone is being lazy – this is the time to say ‘no’. Once you have said no for the first time you will feel confident the next time, and perhaps next time you will be asked to do something really worthy of your talents. Thanks for listening!

  • Dress Up, Chow Down

    I’m not feeling the tip about always saying yes. There is of course a time and a place. Just don’t be stingy with your help :)

  • Claudia

    Saying no and establishing boundaries is just as important. People will respect you for it. No need to just say yes to everything and then end up with a burn out, just sayin’

    • maja majic

      Yes. I would rather choose smart my tasks because nobody can do everything.

  • Katina Lindaa

    Absolutely love these tips! I just finished my uni degree so these will come in handy for my first job (and jobs after of course hehe)! Thanks x

    Katina |

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