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Leaving your position at Burberry in order to become responsible for Apple’s online stores? That just might sound like a career move we would all love to make one day. Angela Ahrendts, born in Indiana and currently based in London, has achieved this.

For all the aspiring CEOs out there, it takes a lot to get to where you want to be. But as Angela has done it already, here are a few tips from her journey…

#1 Pay attention to what others say.

What all the people who have interviewed her have noticed is that Angela always pays attention to whom she is talking to. No matter if it’s just an employee or an important journalist. When talking to someone, always make eye contact. The chairman of Burberry Sir John Peace once told Fortune magazine that Angela is able to motivate her team by doing this.

#2 Do things people don’t expect.

No one was expecting Angela Ahrendts to leave Burberry – she was celebrated as being quite successful there already. She moved to Apple, though, a company with products quite different from those sold by Burberry, surprising the public. By being unpredictable (in a good way) people can’t put you in a box and expect things from you.

#3 Always be up for a new challenge.

Before moving to Apple, Ahrendts might have been successful already at Burberry – but this wasn’t always the way. When she started at Burberry, the label was less and less known and she had to work hard in order to make it popular. You know, starting in a company that isn’t well-known is a task for only the most driven. So if you want success, start from the bottom and dedicate yourself to a company or cause that you love.

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  • Yulia Yemelianova

    Nice tips. A bit common, maybe, but universal for everyone who wants to succed.

  • Jessie D

    Great advice for all and for any industry! It is always good to remain humble and speak to anyone with the same respect regardless if they’re a CEO or entry level employee. Awesome post!

  • Elishia Chave

    The best boss I’ve ever had quickly became my friend because she was excellent at being in the moment and letting me know that she is listening. It’s something I take with me in every job I have. Great post.

  • She’s Ready Inc.

    This article was so inspiring and just what I needed at this particular moment in my life. Thank You for sharing!

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