Becoming An Entrepreneur Without Quitting Your Day Job

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Going off on your own, either as a full time or part time entrepreneur, may be your best career move. It puts you in the driver seat to manage your own time, it opens the door for unlimited earning potential and to opportunities a nine to five doesn’t allow for. You also open yourself up to more work opportunities as new business trends show corporations increasingly hiring independent contractors to work on short-term projects instead of bringing on full-time employees.

This helps companies save by needing less office space, not paying for unproductive time spent by employees at their desk and by not having to provide healthcare and other benefits. Here’s a guide to becoming an entrepreneur without leaving your day job that might change your mind about exactly how to work for yourself!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If you are not really sure what business to start don’t worry too much, realize you don’t need to invent the new Facebook. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to come up with something completely original to build up from scratch. Evaluate your dreams, interests and what you are naturally good at and start brainstorming from there. I myself made this mistake, while having a solid background in fashion retailing I kept trying to start businesses that did not have anything to do with clothes. Once I finally circled back and combined my love for vintage with my retail experience I started a little online boutique that I now run full time.

Start small

Think small, yes we are told to dream big (and you should) but when starting out a new venture, especially while still at your day job, small steps are what will get the ball rolling. There is a lot less risk involved in starting small, you need to allow time to test out your ideas before jumping full force into your new business. If you are interested in fashion a small step would be opening a little online shop or starting a for profit style blog. Once your new project moves beyond a hobby you can start researching how to officially register your business and set up formal bookkeeping practices. Only do this after you already have something that works, you do not want to waste your time formalizing something to later realize that is is not truly your passion.

Make time

Make the time. You will want to start your business on the side while still gainfully employed somewhere, this means you need to carve out time on nights and weekends. Schedule your time and make it a priority, it may be a slow start but once the ball is rolling the momentum will keep you going. Realize that creating something for yourself outside of your nine to five will elevate your confidence and open up doors for you. To keep you going I suggest having a personal mantra, positive words of wisdom that keep you in line when you feel discouraged. While you take the time to collect your own inspirational words of wisdom you can meditate on one of my personal favorite old sayings “You can never get rich working for someone else”.

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Written by Maria Oliveira

  • Dànae García

    Such helpful tips!! I’ve been thinking about starting my own bussines for a while but I never seem to find the strenght to do it!! There’s always something or a inner voice telling me it’s not the right time but when is it then?? Thanks for sharing! Love these kind of posts!! Have a lovely day! xoxo

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    • Celina

      Thanks Danae! Hopefully this post will inspire you to start soon :)

  • Cheryl

    Words that have stayed with me forever, ‘you cant just aim for the moon, you have to start with the physical prep, design the rocket, buy the metal…’, there’s lots and lots of little things that go into making something BIG. You focus on the little steps and the big ones take care of themselves! Live by it!

  • Bella Bucchiotti

    Good post. I love hearing inspiring thoughts about following your dreams, even though it will be hard work!

    • Celina

      Yeah, but eventually hard work will pay off! :)

  • Maja

    This is a great post about commitment someone is willing to take to succeed. For me, it is all about doing the things I love. I hope I make something out of myself one day, for my little family (due in february).
    x M.

    • Celina

      Wow, congratulations Maja! That’s most important, doing something you really love!

  • Tania

    This is inspiring! I appreciate the advice to make the time by scheduling it in. Otherwise, the project will not take priority and remain just a dream. Good luck to all you entrepreneurs out there!

  • Juetta West

    If you love fitness and fashion, there is an opportunity to become an entrepreneur on your time selling high end activewear earning a 25% commission. Check it out ladies

  • mary beth at MBZ Interiors

    Very inspiring post. I’ve been in my own business for one year now. It is very time consuming and that will probably be the biggest hurdle for anyone who wants to start their own business while working at a full time job. I do love the suggestion to Start Small. Nothing happens overnight but with committed baby steps, your business will grow.

  • Jes

    ‘Starting small’ is something I have started to realise this year – it isn’t about coming up with the most outstanding idea ever, it’s about putting one baby step in front of the other towards your overall dream. It’s all very well having an amazing idea, but if you don’t actually ever do anything, it is never going to come to fruition.

    Great post to cement these important tips in my head!

    Jes x

  • Katarina

    Amazing. thanks so much for a positive words.

  • Kelly

    Love this post. At Remote Stylist we’re actively seeking Stylists. If you know anyone who would be interested in a part-time opportunity sourcing furniture and decor with great income potential please refer them here

  • Mel

    Great post – just what I needed to read this morning. I am starting my little organising business small, whilst working full-time in the corporate world. I was feeling discouraged as I am so passionate about helping people organise their lives, and am beginning to build a client base, but for a number of reasons I can’t ditch the day job just yet. Your advice regarding starting small and testing it out before formalising the registration and accountancy was just what I needed to hear. Now I can keep focusing on what I do best and stop running before I can walk. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others, and will continue pursuing my dream at the pace that suits my family. Thank you!

  • Hannie Blaise

    Great tips indeed!

    hannie ;

  • Jasmine

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips Beth!

    I’m currently trying to do just this (balancing a challenging day job with pursuing my own side projects) and it’s so easy to forget that businesses don’t usually blow up overnight and that small consistent steps are what’s important for long term success.

    Congratulations on the BlogLovin’ nomination and I look forward to seeing much more from this site in the near future!

    Jasmine x

  • Freda Lee

    Great tips you’ve given here indeed!

    • Celina

      Great to here Freda :)

  • Jenny Kim

    I’ve started an online store many years ago. Back then my site had no clear direction, and I was selling things that I probably shouldn’t sell. Now I feel like I know what my niche should be, but I’m stuck with all this inventory that I need to clear out first. It’s kind of a stuck feeling right now because I want to work for myself so badly. Thanks for your tips btw.

  • AJ

    Only 7 months?! A fantastic achievement; well done ladies!

    AJ |

    • Celina

      Thanks! :)

  • Dayna

    Working from home mainly has made finding time for my own online pursuits extremely challenging as I’m tempted to dedicate all of my time to my boss’s pursuits. Starting to take at least one full day and at least an hour a day to dedicate to building my own brand. :)

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