Deep Breaths! A Beginners Guide to Meditation


Meditation: what is it all about? Here at CGD we have put together a selection of apps, trends and places where you can practice meditation, how you can practice it and why you should try it this year! Check out our favourite apps, the hottest trends and the health benefits of this practice below!

There are loads of apps on the market today for easy meditation sessions. Have a look below at our favourites!

Universal: Meditation
This is a great app for beginners! There is a section targeted for beginners, where you can choose between 7 to 12 minute sessions to begin your journey to enlightenment. You can record your progress and attend worldwide meditation sessions with any number of people across the globe – cool or what!

Simply Being – Meditation for Relaxation & Presence
This is the perfect app for easy meditation and relaxation. Simply Being has a variety of sessions you can select as well as an easy step-by-step guide through your session. This app has also been recommended by the NY Times Best Seller, Self Magazine, Yoga Journal and more – so a guarantee that you’ll be getting the best meditation practice around!

This is the perfect app for self reflection and guided meditation. Headspace was a huge hit last year and continues to be perfect for everyone from super anxious people to those just wanting a little more me-time, it has a free 10 day trial too so you can explore before you commit to it.

Hottest Trends
2016 is all about how meditation can impact not just your health, but your mind and well-being too. Practising mindfulness on a daily basis can help you focus on your self-awareness and life goals, as well as functioning more efficiently – pretty awesome!

A Guide To Meditation Career Girl Daily
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Apart from the traditional meditation practice of siting with your legs crossed staying ‘ahh’ and ‘umm,’ one of the hottest trends this year is coloring books. Yes, that’s right, coloring books. The Mindful Mandala Coloring Books uses a mandala, a spiritual image which, when meditated on, provides the opportunity for transformation.

Coloring books are proven to be super relaxing and you end up with a gorgeous picture! Find more coloring books here.

Meditation space is also something proven to be hot on the list for 2016. Creating the perfect environment is the best way to meditate: having the right smells, so for example a candle; sounds, like calming meditation music; touch, perhaps some mandala beads to focus your mind; sight, so something that means something to you; taste, so a drink nearby is handy, and finally an item of nature – part of meditation is having something natural to concentrate on!

Health Benefits
Meditation can ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, improve heart health, boost your mood and immunity. Most conditions that are caused by stress can be improved by meditation! Relaxing in this way can affect your life in so many ways! The soothing power of meditation is used to focus on breathing, keeping your heart at a steady rhythm – which can lower blood pressure, improve brain waves and heart rate. Meditation can also drop your weight, keep you happier and seriously reduce your stress levels. If that isn’t enough to get you started we don’t know what is!

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • Meghan Swarbrick

    I’ve been wanting to get into meditation for a long time now from hearing the positive effects on the Internet. This post has motivated me to start now! Thank you so much, I’ll be downloading one of those apps ASAP! Xxx

  • NuttyHiker

    This is great! I’ve tried it before but never knew if I was doing it right! Definitely will download one of the apps!

  • Hippie Fish Beach Art

    Just love career girl daily, such great ideas.

  • Ashley

    Another fantastic meditation app that I highly recommend: It’s called Buddhify. I believe it’s $4.99 but it may cost less, I can’t remember. It’s beyond worth the investment! Beautiful interface and wonderful selection of meditations for practically every situation you could possibly find yourself in. <3

  • Liv

    I always struggle to make time to try meditation, I’m not sure I’d be any good at it! Definitely going to give it a try with the help of these tips/apps! I hope it’s ok that i linked this post in an article about living mindfully on my blog? :)

    If not, I’ll take it down immediately!

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