Behind Closed Doors Of One Of The World’s Best Private Universities

Working in the luxury fashion industry is a dream for many young women. There are bright career prospects, and the global luxury market has been showing a steady growth. To actually get into this industry you need talent, an eye for detail, excellent training and a passion for fashion. It’s all in the details and the service. True luxury is about creating an experience. Who doesn’t love the service in a 5-star hotel? We all love to visit a luxurious restaurant.



A month ago, I went on a luxury voyage with Glion to go behind closed doors and see their new course Luxury Brand Management. The Glion Institute is one of the leading international private Universities specialized in luxury, it won the award for Best Hospitality Management School at a 2015 awards ceremony. To fulfill the demand of the growing global luxury market they launched the luxury brand management course just one year ago. So what makes it the world’s best? Here’s what happens behind closed doors . . .




Besides being in Switzerland for the first time (a place I fell in love with straight away!) I had the pleasure of visiting the campus in Montreux and Bulle, both in Switzerland and Milan – where I met the students and was impressed by the location, stunning views, and quality of the classes. What I expected was a kind of Gossip Girl and Mean Girls mashup. In reality, it was an absolute pleasure to visit the Institute. The Glion Institute is not like any other University. It’s in a truly inspiring location in the mountains of Lake Geneva with a magical view and nurtures some serious talent.

When you enter the campus in Montreux you can’t escape the stunning view of the lake of Geneva. Students are impeccably dressed and groomed (as they have been taught by the school) and the friendly and polite attitude of the students made us as all feel very welcome on campus.




What stood out to me was that this school doesn’t just focus on learning on paper. Students get CV training, grooming guidelines, career coaching and health guidance. Something other Universities could definitely learn from.

Sylvia Ulbadi,

HR Director of Roger Dubuis recruiting at Glion says: ‘You train people the way to behave which is not the case when you go to University or when you register on any other kind of school. Especially in the luxury industry, it is really important to have people who are well prepared and have a certain level maturity. ‘

As Sylvia said, this school is not a normal school. What normal school would teach you how to dress, and how to survive in the adult world of business? This school teaches the basics for success. And most of its students go on to achieve it!

Find more information about the Glion Institute here.

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  • Charmaine Ng

    Sounds like these students actually learn USEFUL and practical things for advancing in life. Who needs sin cosine and tangent anyway?
    – Charmaine

  • Sabrina Wharton-Brown

    Sounds like a Finishing School :) Regular schools do not teach people what they need to know.

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