Behind The Scenes: Meet The Career Girl Daily Team!

We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far with Career Girl Daily that we had to ask the rest of the team to take a break from their super hectic schedules and laptop and come down and get in front of the camera.

After reading your lovely comments, we thought it was about time that we did a behind the scenes post and let you get to know the girls responsible for your favorite fashion, beauty, lifestyle and career articles! As an added bonus, read about our childhood dreams, how they changed as we got older and what we’re doing to work towards our goals now!


When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a doctor or lawyer. Not because I wanted to, but my parents said it was a safe choice, and it would give me a secure future. So, when I had to make a decision about which University I was going to, I decided to study Law instead of following my dreams. I wasn’t happy about it because my real passion is fashion. It’s like pure magic to me and a wonderful way to express yourself to the world, it empowers women and boosts your confidence. I really enjoy watching, observing, and being able to figure out a person, and the story behind their outfit. It was obvious to study something related to fashion, but like a good girl, I did what my parents expected me to do…

Nowadays, I have a degree in International Business Administration, and I’m a certified personal stylist. Although I didn’t follow my dreams when I was younger, it’s never too late. One year ago I decided to move to fashion capital London to follow my dreams. Putting my ego on the side and started at the bottom again as an intern. My first fashion internship was in the Marketing department of a beloved British designer. After six months of working as an intern, I felt the urge to set up a blog to share my adventures as a twentysomething-year-old in the business world.

Ellen and I wanted to start a blog that would make a difference in people’s life. Emma Watson’s famous speech and our career adventures inspired us to start Career Girl Daily. A place where ‘Career Girls in heels’ come together. Each time, we receive an amazing email or comment from one of you guys, telling us how we motivate you on a daily basis, gives us the strength to continue our journey. We want to empower women and motivate career girls to chase their dreams! I guess I can say that moving to London was the best decision I’ve ever made!


When I was a child I switched between wanting to be one of The Spice Girls and wanting to be a writer. I wrote volumes and volumes of diaries, picture books, novels and scripts in my childhood and shared them gleefully with friends and family, and in my downtime, I’d perform cringey pop star routines in front of my classmates.

Clearly I gave up my dreams of being a young Spice Girl, and instead went to University to study English Literature. While I was there I launched a digital magazine showcasing young creative people’s work which was an amazing and rewarding experience but just proved to be too much work for one girl. Once I finished University I worked at Now magazine for a month and then decided that most of my opportunities would be based in London, so made the decision to uproot my life and move.

Now I’m part of the Penguin Random House Writers’ Academy working on refining my first novel, which is scary and really exciting! I’ve written for lots of publications, but I’m really glad to have been part of CGD since almost the very beginning and working with a team that gets so well together. Who knows what the future will hold? All I know is that I’m taking each day as it comes and doing what I love!


I come from a family where going into law or business seemed a logical and safe choice. When I was younger, I always wanted to have my own company or become a lawyer, work for a big organization like the UN or the EU and travel as much as possible for my job. After High School, I did a Bachelor in Law, specialized in Business Administration and Marketing and did a lot of extra-curricula next to it. From the EU debating club to going on a dialogue trip to Turkey and from an EU Human Rights project to being part of the UN working group, I did everything I could to have at least a little chance to be accepted by one of these institutions.

During my bachelor’s, I realized I loved studying law but I did not want to become a lawyer anymore. My internship at that time was with a law firm in Amsterdam and during my last day, one of the female bosses walked up to me and said ‘Good luck in the future, I am sure I will see you on the news or in a magazine somewhere with your own awesome company’, and those words made me realize that whatever I would do in the next couple of years, I needed to be my own boss by the time I am 28.

Instead of doing a Master’s in Law I decided to move to London and do a Master in PR. Just like with law I loved my Master but I don’t want to work full-time in PR. Nowadays I work as a community manager for a big brand, and I love the mix of PR, marketing, and social media.

My passion is to inspire and motivate other people to work hard and achieve their goals. Career Girl Daily was set up to inspire and motivate women (and interested men) around the world to be the best they can be and go for it. Whether it is being your own boss or full-time housewife, do it with passion, talent, hard work and make it happen!

Photography: Johnny Fonseca
Makeup Artist: Simone Beyleveld
Special thanks to: Karen Millen