How Being Fired Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me


Let me tell you, at the time, getting fired definitely was not the best thing that had ever happened to me. I was pushed out of a job that I didn’t even want in the first place. My goals and dreams were pushed to the side in order to make ends meet and instead, I was busting my ass off for a company that wanted me out as soon as I walked through the door. Three months of hell later they got their wish and I was jobless and broke. But, who would have thought that it would have been the biggest blessing in disguise?

I no longer cared how other’s perceived me

As a first-time manager, I came into the job with high confidence levels. I was ready to bring some positive changes to my team. But, let’s just say, the team didn’t respond to me very well. You know that feeling when you know people are talking about you? That’s how I felt every day. And it turned me into a woman I no longer recognized. I had lost all confidence, and most importantly my spark. But in the end, it taught me a valuable lesson. In the world of business, not everyone is going to like you, but it’s not your job to make them. Instead, I stopped letting what other people thought about me, affect me and my work. I made the decision then to not let anything get in the way of my success again.


Vinette wears Pinko Long Trousers in Enver Satin Crepe, Topshop Poplin Blouse and uses the Neom Happiness Scented Candle


I was forced to be honest with myself

It’s easy to blame the job, but it gave me the self-reflection I needed. I wasn’t the best person for the job because it wasn’t me. It highlighted weaknesses I never knew I had, but it gave me the opportunity to never be recognized for my shortcomings again. So, I got my act together. I outlined my weaknesses and what I could do to turn them into strengths. But more importantly, it led me to ask a lot of questions about what I wanted from life, and if a situation was making me so unhappy in the first place, then what was I doing giving my energy to it in the first place. It taught me not take a job because of money because in the end it really didn’t make me happy.

It led me here

The job may have been hell and I may have lost who I was to it, but I came out of it a stronger woman, who wasn’t afraid of life. If I wasn’t fired, I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue my real goals. Being pushed out of this job pushed me onto the path that I had been too scared to go down. It helped me overcome the fear because life is all about risks and I know, we can all be a little afraid to take them sometimes. But, if you’re unhappy, take the risk, because if you fall – there will always be someone there to catch you and at least you tried. I had no job, no money, nothing and I just closed my eyes and jumped – now look where I am and look where you could be too.

Photographed by Career Girl Daily at The Dorsett Hotel. Makeup by Jana Pirosko.


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