Take Note: The Amazing Benefits Of Working For A Startup

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Long hours, low salaries and no luxury at the office…is it all doom and gloom to work for a startup? Absolutely not! Even though it might seem scary to work for a little company that just started, it’s pretty awesome. These are the benefits of working for a startup.


You create your ideal job

When you’re working at a relatively new company, your tasks are not strict yet. It’s because there are fewer employers than jobs to be done. That means you can create a palette of tasks you’ve already mastered, and adopt a few new tasks you find interesting and cool. You’ll be bending your job towards your own strengths and interests, instead of filling the description of the previous employer. In short; you create your ideal job, and put your strengths to work.

You can bond easily

It’s easy to make new friends and really get to know your co-workers when you’re working in a small team. Your office is probably pretty informal and relaxed. Everybody puts in long hours to make the dream work, so don’t be surprised if your colleague is rocking her favorite ripped skinny jeans with sneakers. Most startups are founded by innovators, with a creative mind. It’s a very inspiring and exciting atmosphere, where they understand that great ideas are born in relaxed minds.

There are lots of opportunities

Working in a small team means getting a lot of new opportunities. That’s great if you’re an ambitious career girl! When you do great, your work will be recognised. That’s something most of the corporate career girls can be quite jealous of, because it’s much easier to shine when you do great work. But when you fail, nobody can cover for you. That might be scary when you’re not very confident yet. (My advice if you fail; own it. Say you’re sorry, and promise to never make the mistake again.)

Working for a startup means getting a lot of experience, by working long hours for low wages. Some find it risky, innovators see it as an investment in their own future. You can easily climb the ladder if you’ve been around from the start, and when your startup makes it bigtime, you’ll probably get a big financial return. Remember; Google and Facebook once were startups too!


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