Stressed? These New Products Will Better Your Skin And Your Mood

You might not have thought about it but our stress and anxiety levels have an impact not only on our mood but on our skin too. Our skin indeed, tends to react to the emotional factors that affect us and when the stress is high, it is one of the very first things to suffer from it. Skin care has to be effective to combat stress prone skin, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Cool Down And Wake Up

Skyn Iceland’s face mist will cool you down, wake you up and help you relieve stress of your mind and body. The dye-free Arctic Face Mist will calm irritable skin with natural mineral water, and the antioxidants and multivitamins will help replenish dull and tired skin and give you a healthy glow.

Hydrate your skin

Tata Harpers Moisturzing Mask will hydrate your stressed skin and lock in moisture. This treatment protects skin from moisture loss and will leave your skin dewy and radiant. Try to squeeze in a few minutes to take care of your skin and increase hydration, which will make your skin super soft but also giving yourself a facial will allow you some time to relax.

Try a face oil

Tired of dry skin and thick moisturisers that never get absorbed? Caudalie Premier Cru is an amazing product that melts into the skin, helps with anti-ageing and deeply moisturises.

Give your skin a vitamin boost

Try a Vitamin C serum in the morning if you wake up with dry, tired, skin and have stressed breakouts. Allow the vitamin serum to sink into your face and follow up with a great moisturiser. Using this serum every day will make your skin ten times healthier and banish any of those pesky stress symptoms.

Exfoliate and highlight your skin

If your skin has lost its natural glow and now looks dull all you have to do is exfoliate it with a Facial Radiance Polish in order to reveal the brighter skin. Also, give yourself a hand with a great highlighter.

  1. I’ve been wanting to try Caudalie for ages. I think it would be great for my dry skin x

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