The Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now


There’s nothing like kicking back and watching Netflix after a hard week of work. And at the moment, they’ve got some real gems out. It seems like the all-powerful lot at Netflix have foreseen a snowed-in winter to come, and so they’re bringing out all the TV shows that are perfect for binge watching.

Don’t answer the phone, pull the curtains and lock the door. Because these are the shows you’ll want to watch in one go.


Starring Penn Badgley, this creepy show follows Joe, who ‘falls in love’ with Beck. Follows her home, finds her on social media, stalks her, steals things from her, commits actual murder, and lies pretty much all the time, to prove that he’s the one for her. It sounds creepy but the real creep factor comes from how often you actually root for him.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror always manages to make us think. This time, they’ve gone above and beyond with a series that follows the choose your own adventure theme. Your decisions affect how the show will go. It’s crazy how much time, effort, and planning this took. And it should be appreciated as a work of art on its own.

The Good Place

When Eleanor dies, she’s taken to the good place. A place so infinitely perfect and pretty, and airbrushed, with everything she ever wanted in life, except, it’s not her good place. Actually, she shouldn’t even be there at all. She should be in the bad place. And now she has to stop everyone else from finding out. This show is good for laughs and light-hearted enough to cure the creepiness of Netflix right now.

The Crown

The Crown follows Queen Elizabeth’s life, and the politics and scandals that surrounded the British monarchy during that time. Starting with her father’s death, it proves that sometimes real life is stranger than fiction, and shows just how rich, interesting, and scandalous the lives of the Royal Family actually are. We’ll forgive you if this is how you know all the names of the major players and politicians.

The Staircase

And now a good old crime documentary. The Staircase follows the case of novelist Michael Peterson. His wife fell down the stairs and died, and it was quite a violent death. Michael was understandably devastated he didn’t hear his wife’s tragic accident. But dig a little deeper and lies, secrets, and another very similar death in Michael’s past make this compulsive viewing. You need to see this if you’ve been waiting to scratch your true crime itch.


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