4 Books You Need To Read When You’re Stressed


Sometimes, life can get so overwhelming that we end up anxious over the outcome of what we’re working towards. Instead of allowing our own worries to consume our thoughts, we should turn to others.  We can learn from other people who have gone through a similar situation, and take their advice.

If you find yourself stressed out and anxious, here are four of the best books for anxiety to add to your reading list:


1. Anxiety as an Ally

Anxiety As An Ally available here.

If you’re one that’s prone to stage fright, read this. Dan Rykert shares his personal story about how a panic attack during a roll call eventually led to being a successful speaker. He goes into detail to describe the lessons he’s learned through living with anxiety. Through simple storytelling and personal stories, Dan’s book is one to read if you’re looking for ideas on how to deal with anxiety. Yet this book also explores his journey on how he turned anxiety to work for him rather than against him. Buy it here.

2.  The worry trick

The Worry Trick available here.

This book is an effective go-to guide for dealing with anxiety and explains how anxiety hijacks the brain. Carbonell presents a few strategies, that are quite effective to help you feel better when anxiety starts to creep in.  He provides straightforward reasoning on why we feel the way we do, and how certain things can be triggers. This book will help you to look at why you worry and how you can overcome it. So this is definitely one to keep if you’re looking to eradicate your worries once and for all. Buy it here.

3. Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind available here.

Witty and insightful, this book is a memoir on how it feels to live with anxiety. Smith talks about his battle of worries, from locating the causes of his anxiety and describing the effects of dealing with anxiety to finding a possible cure to his worries. Although it’s not your typical “10 Ways To Beat Anxiety” type of book, you will find some unique and relatable stories. This memoir is perfect if you’re learning to overcome anxiety while looking for a good laugh now and then. Buy it here.


4. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living available here.

Of course, who can forget a Dale Carnegie classic? If you’ve read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, then you might like this one. This is more of an actionable book, with practical ideas on how to overcome worrying and start taking control of your life – finances included! If you’re definitely all out to beat anxiety, start with this and follow his formulas closely. You might just find yourself happier and calmer. Buy it here.

Anxiety is horrible, whether you constantly battle with it, or suffer only now and then. We hope these books can help aid you in any way possible. Just remember you are strong.

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