6 Useful Books You Should Read On Your Commute

photo: Anine Bing


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We’ve all been there, wanting to take our careers further, wanting to make our minds healthier. We’re told what we should eat, what we should wear, and how we should behave. But, who advises us on how to really accelerate our careers, and how we can live harmoniously with our anxieties? There are books out there capitalizing on our want to cash in big, so you’ll want your self-help book to actually teach you the tools. Cue in Career Girl Daily, who swoops in to save the day, again:

1. Become super successful online

This book will open your eyes to the world of blogging, and how to be successful at it. With chapters titled ‘branding your blog’ and ‘creating an effective social media strategy’. This book will definitely teach you the ins and out on how to create a blog that you are passionate about, and with workbook exercises that’ll help you figure out everything from who you are and what you can give to the world to how to make money, create a media kit, build a social media strategy and find your audience, this is the most comprehensive book on building an online following ever! Buy it here.

2. Change negative feelings into positive situations

This book tells us where to really focus our attention, and how to focus on the positives, instead of the negatives. Take it away from the ‘bad guy’ and focus that energy instead on the sufferer. By doing this, you’ll be finding ways to better the situation and empower yourself! Adam Grant teaches us how to turn our frustrations into ’empathetic anger.’ Buy it here.

2. Become a more powerful person

At the snap of a finger, you can make yourself a stronger, more confident individual. It’s possible and Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer have conducted a scientific study to prove it. The experiment included asking numerous job applicants, before their interview to write about an experience where they felt powerful. Some didn’t exceed, but those who did raised their chances of job acceptance by seventy percent. In order to be powerful, you need the right frame of mind. Buy it here.

3. Let go of the past

Forgiveness isn’t easy, and more often that not we choose not to because we can’t. But when it comes to someone you love, you’re torn. Louise Hay and Robert Holden have developed an exercise that will help your heart move forward. The practice is so effective because the reality is you’ve already forgiven that person a little bit. They train you to stop thinking about forgiveness as an all-or-nothing deal, but instead as stages. Buy it here.

4. Be a leader

We’ve all been there, disheartened and unconfident when our work just isn’t good enough. But, Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Atlantic, teaches how to take any feedback as an observation. By seeing it this way, you allow yourself to take the criticism less personally and actually listen. Branson understands this as he built his business on criticism and the praise of others. Buy yours here.

5. Find your happiness

Laughter and anxiety are usually two things that don’t go together very well. But Jenny Lawson changes this. Self-help books on depression and anxiety are usually so clinical. But Jenny’s unique voice that shares her own experiences from her journey, which is full of laughs for those who struggle with anxiety badly. Buy it here.


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  • Ariadna Morell

    These sound like great recommendations! thanks for sharing! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Leshia

    Awesome suggestions! The link for the “Friend & Foe” recommendation is incorrect though. Directs me to the “Originals” book.

  • Littleblackdomicile

    Richard Branson’s book is an straightforward approach to business. Inspiring. – Laurel Bledsoe

  • Ramona

    Really want to read these books! Another amazing book is ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s about choosing love over fear and it really helps you to feel calm and trust in the Universe.


  • Morning Elegance

    These are some great books. Will definitely have to look into some of them!
    xx Nicki