The Best Business Resources On Etsy For Career Girls

There’s something so appealing about buying from smaller businesses. The idea that a product has been crafted by someone like me for me not only adds a personal touch but also seems to give people more of an emotional connection that goes hand in hand with the financial transaction being made at the end of the day. Everybody wins. Then there’s always something so special about knowing that small quantities mean rare commodities and higher value. In other words, you know what you’re buying is special and unique.

We’ve spotted a few career girls who are proving that even online businesses starting out small can make very lucrative Etsy shops. You’ll quickly notice why it’s great for a creative outlet while making money doing what you love. Check out some of our favourite resources found on Etsy and why.

Stock Photography Design

Think feminine desktop inspiration for the perfect blog website or email header. Bird’s eye view of pink macarons, jars filled with white and gold pencils and blushing blooms. Printables and stock photography are an easy, professional and cost-effective way to go for bloggers, developers and designers. Like the saying, ‘ pictures are worth a thousand words,’ it really does say a lot about the brand when good graphics are utilised. What’s great about these images is that the photographer is usually mindful of creating space for logos and text which makes personalisation very easy. We are loving what these gorgeous ladies are serving up.

Sandra from SMDesignbusiness resources

These styled stock photos are feminine and well put together, you’re paying for quality here, but you can also get creative as there’s plenty of space for logo, designs, images and branding.

JennaRedfieldDesignsbusiness resources

These photos are a little more playful, with hints of gold and great pops of colour, with plenty of space for your logo or some text.

Planning & Design Tools for Businesses

For business start-ups and entrepreneurs, every career girl knows planning is paramount. And since we’re all the kind of girls that would prefer to do our duties in style Etsy has been a great hub for organisation and planning. The gorgeous designers have created bundles and printables for your business planning, workflow and professional logo design needs. From marketing to branding to custom event planning. These cute boutique online stores are fantastic resources for developing your business and have very adaptable solutions.

Business Coaching Planner by PushToDiamond

business resources

This cute business planner has lots of gold accents and amazing organization components for all your business needs. The best thing about this is that it’s available for instant download! Woo!

Premade Logo by GrrraphicPlayground

business resources

Ever needed a logo created for you but just didn’t know where to start? Now you can get an inexpensive and beautiful logo with no hassle! You can preview the design with your own business name on for free before you buy, and the shop has tonnes more logo designs for you to choose from.

Business Planer by TheBusyMouseStudioetsy business planner busy mouse

Another great business planner, this one is less glitzy but just as big on organization. It comes with sections for planning, finances, contacts, marketing and much, much more!


Printable Small Business Marketing Planner by GrafikaStudiobusiness resources

Every business needs this, it has a marketing review checklist, action plans, client list, budget breakdown and advertising tracker,  analytics tracker and a username and password log amongst many others.



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