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It’s officially a few weeks to Christmas! And the yearly tradition of jumping on the sofas, snuggling under our blankets and watching our favorite Christmas movies over and over again has begun. It’s been a whole year since we last saw Kevin get left home alone and now we’re ready to see it again! So, with a hot chocolate in hand, there’s no better way to start your Christmas countdown than with the best Christmas movies that can’t help but get you in the festive mood!

1. Deck The Halls

It’s one of those Christmas movies you can’t help but love – it’s completely cheesy and has a moral ending to teach us something about the true meaning of Christmas. It follows Steve, your usual suburban dad, who has quite a picturesque life. That is, until, his new neighbor Danny moves in across the street. His new neighbor has big plans to make his visible from space, and he plans to do this by making it extremely bright with Christmas lights! And in true Christmas spirit, Steve will not be outdone and wages war.

2. Elf

Everyone on this Earth must have seen Elf! It is one of those funny Christmas movies that never, ever gets old no matter how many times you watch it! And this could have been the moment we all truly fell in love with Will Ferrell. Watch how this, not so little elf goes into the real world to find his real father. Not quite fitting in with the elves, Buddy takes his chances at New York, where he doesn’t quite fit in either.

3. Miracle on 34th Street 

This film is almost as old as I am, and I have loved it ever since I was a child. I’ve rewatched every Christmas since. It follows the six-year-old Susan, who is starting to question if Santa Claus is real or not. But when a posing Santa Claus with the name Kris Kringle claims to be the real thing it leaves a lot of people laughing in disbelief. Except one.

4. The Night Before

It’s not your typical Christmas movie, but it is one of those easy watches that will make you laugh. And if you love anything with Seth Rogan, then you will love this. For the last ten years, these three buddies have come together on Christmas Eve to celebrate with a bang! But, with one of them becoming a father, this traditional, annual boozing is coming to an end. And because it’s their last year, this means they have to go one of the biggest parties NYC has to offer; the Nutcracka Ball.

5. Arthur Christmas

We know that Santa delivers presents to every child on earth. What you might not know is how Santa accomplishes it. But, somehow one child out of them all hasn’t received their gift. And it is up to Santa’s son, Arthur to fix it before Christmas morning. This family-friendly film isn’t just for the kids! So, you don’t have to feel embarrassed because you secretly love films like this (we all do). And as it’s Christmas we have a free pass.

6. Just Friends

Another Christmas comedy to add to your watch-list and this one truly is my favorite. It makes laugh out loud every time without fail. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious in this movie, where he tries to win the heart of his high school sweetheart, who he hasn’t seen since she told him she wanted to be ‘just friends’ ten years ago. He’s back in town and he’s not the same, but will it be that simple?

7. A Christmas Prince

Everyone has been talking about this film since Netflix launched it over a week ago. It’s proving to be a new addition to our tradition and we’re not sorry. Loving anything to do with Princes and ballgowns we were all sold as soon it arrived. A dashing Prince and a tutor begin to fall in love, but the fact she’s an undercover reporter means this film rom-com is full of clichés we can’t help but love.

8. Rise of the Guardians 

I must admit, I love this film. I put it on one Christmas when there was nothing else to watch and since then it has joined the tradition. It’s all about the immortal guardians that protect and preserve the world for generations, but these guardians are quite familiar. They are The Easter Bunner, Santa Claus, and The Tooth Fairy. But when they are threatened by an evil boogeyman there is only one that can save them, his name is Jack Frost.

9. Jingle All The Way 

This one’s a golden oldie, and we can’t help but love it! Arnie plays a workaholic who is always agreeing to make things up to his son. After letting him down he promises to get him the best toy of the season, but it’s Christmas Eve and it’s sold out everywhere. He goes on the hunt to track down this gift for his son, but the clock is ticking and the real value and meaning of Christmas begins to unravel.

10. Christmas Inheritance

Coming to Netflix on the 15th December

The best thing about Christmas movies are the messages they convey. They all try to teach you the real value and lesson of Christmas; to be grateful and kind. And this film is promising to do exactly the same. Ambitious heiress Ellen is about to inherit her father’s business. But, before she does she has to deliver a Christmas card to one of her dad’s former business partners. However, a snowstorm means she’s stranded in a small town, where she will learn the true value to Christmas.


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  1. I agree, Miracle on 34th Street is one of the best! I also like both Home Alone movies. And then there’s A Christmas Story (you’ll shoot your eye out!). A lot of these movies, I haven’t seen, so THANK YOU for suggesting them. I will check them out. Merry Christmas!

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