4 Career Advancing Courses You Can Take (And Actually Finish) This Year


We all know that the most important part of smashing your goals is taking care of yourself. And the best kind of self-care is the kind that helps you get ahead and learn something new. So, if you want to get ahead in your career or maybe just start to smash your goal to learn more this year, it’s easier than ever before to make it happen and actually learn something useful in the quest for a better career.

Skillshare will help you smash your goals, learn something new and make magic happen this month. Start with a 2 month trial for free by signing up here, and plan how you’re going to take your career to the next level.

1. Create an action plan for success

Sarah Prevette is the founder and CEO of Future Design School, and in her class, you’ll learn about the creative strategies that can help you solve problems and how you can use this in your career to propel yourself forwards. If you’re hoping to be more innovative in 2019, you absolutely need to take this class.

Sarah teaches you one trick to becoming innovative in your career, it will help you look at your co-workers and try to think about what they want and how you can bring it to them, with worksheets to print out and go over, this course will help you take your thinking to the next level, reflect on where you are right now, decide your own strengths and weaknesses and learn the tips and tricks of thinking outside the box and bringing your best self to work every single day. Take the class here.

2. Share ideas that inspire in every presentation

I had to mention this Simon Sinek class. Famous for his TED talk on how great leaders inspire action Simon is a game-changer and he tends to think about things in really creative ways. Delivering a TED talk is a big enough deal, and getting as many views as Simon is downright impressive (over one million views on YouTube), so if there’s anyone you want to take presentation tips from, it’s him.

Take your presentations to the next level and learn the tricks of delivering engaging and thought-provoking talks. This will help you whether you’re at University or have a lot of presentations to deliver at work, the more comfortable and confident you are with it, the more likely you are to stand out at work and the better chance you’ll have of advancing your career. Enroll in this class here.

3. Become a creative leader that people trust

John Maeda is a pretty big deal in business. He knows a lot about leadership, creativity, and innovation. His class is all about Creative Leadership. If you want to generate new ideas and get a spark of inspiration that will help you in business, or in your career, this class will help you generate ideas and think creatively.

John takes you on a journey with his friends and mentors, from the founder of Behance to the founder of Airbnb to get the secrets behind how leaders think and generate ideas. Enroll here.

4. Start your own business and create your own success

Maybe you aren’t going for a promotion this year. Maybe, you’d rather start your own business this year. But where do you start? That’s the question. This class covers how to get things right from the very start. Guy Kawasaki previously worked for Apple, so he knows quite a lot about thinking large. From the very beginning, Guy talks you through having the best idea and the best start for your potential business, how to make meaning not money, the mantras you need and the questions you need to ask yourself.

Once you’ve covered all the big questions and concepts, Bill Reichert will take you through all the practical areas. Getting your product to market, customers, and how you’re going to hit your key milestones and walk you through sales, marketing, and the model for success you need to follow. This in-depth class will help you realize that you do have what it takes to start a business, and in fact, you can do it right now! Enroll here.

Don’t forget to get two months free of Skillshare and test out what you could learn here.


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