Looking For A Job? You Need One Of These Killer CV Templates From Etsy

A killer CV is the key to job hunting success, but selling yourself on two pages is tough. It is necessary to have a perfect CV to help you land that dream role. To grab that prospective employer’s attention, you must have nailed your resume. Our go-to place for help and guidance is Etsy. It’s not the obvious choice for something that can be perceived as being pretty dull. However, it’s a treasure trove for some epic CV templates.

Each CV will need to be tailored to the appropriate role. Thank goodness for Etsy! There are literally thousands of templates out there to fit your every need.

#1 PHD Press – The Ashley Roberts Template

Ashley roberts

This unique and interesting template will certainly ensure your resume stands out from he crowd. The teal colour is eye-catching yet professional. The clean lines and pop of colour cannot fail to catch the attention of that prospective recruiter or employer.

#2 Resume Angels- Template No.3

anna smith

This is one impressive CV template to have, there is a mass of information on the page, but it remains professional and well-balanced. The key to a good CV is having all the information required but in a succinct manner. This CV will draw the reader in and will instantly boost your chances of job success!

#3 CV Design Co


This CV is feminine and well-designed, it’s perfect for a creative job and will definitely ensure your CV stands out from the crowd!


A strong resume is crucial to job hunting success. They are the absolute make or break point for a future employer. Therefore, it is essential for your CV to stand out from the crowd, if it’s sitting at the top of a pile people are more likely to be drawn to it – just make sure it’s appropriate to the industry you’re applying for!

By Catherine Murphy


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  1. Omg these are sol cool!! and so original!! great post! :D


  2. Mine mine mine! Thanks! This might make the job-hunt way more elegant =)


  3. I think these would be great if I were to choose a different major besides engineering. Our resumes aren’t supposed to have all these frills because it takes up too much space. However, if I were applying for a freelance job, I would definitely use one of these!

  4. How gorgeous! This has definitely inspired me to spruce up my CV.


  5. These resumes are well suited for creative roles (Graphic Design, Marketing, Fashion). I would steer clear of using them for Medical Sales, Engineering, Law, Accounting, Corporate roles. While eye catching, they are too whimsical. They put the focus on the design and not the content.

  6. you are 100% correct. I am in HR for a company focused on Scientific discovery and research. I would likely pass over these resumes

  7. I graduated college a year ago and have been working a job just to pay bills. As I’m ready to start looking for a career, I know I need to fix up my resume. This post definitely inspires me to get moving, thanks!

  8. I agree, but I’m sure there are some templates out there that are just as beautiful and well designed (without the frills or whimsy!) I’ll keep an eye out! :) x

  9. I didn’t even know CV templates existed when I started my job hunt, I think that info would have been useful years ago when I was still at Uni. So much cringe at my old CVs! :) x

  10. I love these templates but agree that would need a more toned down template that would be suitable for other roles.


  11. @bethjadem:disqus the link to #2 Resume Angels- Template No.3 is not working :( Could you please check it out?

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