How To Design A Life-Changing Morning Routine


Looking for the best daily morning routine? 

When you design a morning routine that works and is perfect for you, getting up in the mornings gets that little bit easier!

And you’ll be surprised at the drastic changes it can have to your day. Not only in terms of your productivity but your mood and energy levels too!

We definitely know that we couldn’t survive without ours! So, if you’re looking to be the go-getter who is up at the crack of dawn then here are some tips to design the morning routine that’s worth getting up for:


Surely, it’s no news to you by now that a morning routine is the thing you should be doing!

And as research goes, if you create and stick to a morning routine your stress and anxiety levels will basically be non-existent.

Because, believe it or not how you wake up every day has power over every area of your life. And that determines if you’ll be successful or not!

By simply switching up your morning routine and making it happen, you’ll be taking that power back into your hands. And getting a head start on transforming your life like you never have before!


You can look at the routines of successful women and even celebrities and try it out. But chances are it probably isn’t going to work for you.

What you can do, is, of course, take inspiration from these amazing ladies and then instead, create a routine that works for you. By doing this, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance at actually sticking to it!

For example, waking up early and working out before work is not for everyone. Some people prefer to do it in the evenings, some in the mornings – there is no right or wrong answer.

But making sure your bottom is up in the morning is a must and we would recommend waking up two hours before your commute!

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So, you can’t exactly expect to craft and execute a successful morning routine without actually looking after yourself the night before.

It’s safe to say that your morning routine is dependant on your evening routine. And it’s important to establish the two so they can help you lead a more structured, concise life.

Because, how you go to bed has everything to do with the struggles of waking up in the morning. It’s not just about what time you go to bed, but how you go to bed, use your Getting Stuff Done planner to tick these checkboxes to help you wake up brighter and easier:

1. Lights off an hour before bedtime  – allow your body to adjust and trick it into thinking its bedtime so it can calm down and relax properly.

2. Try a puzzle before bed or a book – TV before bed is not a good way to relax your body. A logic puzzle or reading a book will help your mind become sleepy and will calm you into a sleep state.

3. Have your last cup of coffee six hours before you go to bed – yes, that’s right, coffee stays in your system for six hours, so avoid it before bed!!

4. Put your phone on charge across the room – A new trick to learn is giving yourself a set time to have your phone by your side. An hour before bed go and put it on charge across the room away from you.

5. Don’t eat before you sleep – your body needs to digest, and this can really disrupt your sleep pattern and even make you wake up on the wrong side of the bed!


Finding the right routine for you is going to take some time. You may even have to make a few adjustments and changes before you get it right. So, test out waking up at different times and log the effects it has on your day.

This way you will see what works best by determining and acknowledging how you felt.

Don’t try and do too much in the mornings straight away or set high expectations as it doesn’t work that way. Build yourself up to it.

Early mornings are your chance to have some time to yourself and peace of mind before you day takes off. So, don’t stress yourself out when you’ve woken up earlier to enjoy the time.

Remember, routine building takes time, so be patient and don’t give up!


Getting out of bed can be hard enough some mornings, but it’s even harder when you don’t have a reason to jump out of bed!

So, give yourself a reason to wake up.

It could even be a project you’ve been working on or a hobby/passion that you love to do but don’t have enough time to do it.

For example, writing in the mornings is much more productive and better to do – so if you’re a writer, but not a morning person then you need to change your nocturnal habits fast! Plus by doing something you love in the morning, you’ll already start the day feeling accomplished and ready, which will do great things for your confidence and your career!

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