6 Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

You know what you need this holiday season, a sparkly shimmery smoky eye look that gives everyone around you ‘goals’ and makes you look a million dollars. In order to achieve that sultry look, you need one of the must have eyeshadow palettes of 2015. We reviewed them so you can find the perfect palette for you!

#1 Urban Decay Naked

Rarely does an eyeshadow palette achieve cult status, but this one has! What Urban Decay delivers is richly pigmented eyeshadows, shades that you can’t get anywhere else (no matter how many dupes you buy) and versatility to create a variety of smoky looks. You have nudes (for the inner corner of your eye) deep colours (for smudged waterlines and cutting creases) and richly glittery shades (for everything in between).

Perfect for you if: You like to get serious with your makeup and want whatever the professionals use.


#2 Smashbox Double Exposure

This palette comes with neutrals and darks that are perfect for creating a go-to nude or smoky eye but it also has some great colours such as ‘Flushed’ a rich, shimmery pink, ‘Midnight’ a deep blue perfect for switching up your smoky eye or creating a deep dark blue look and ‘Temper’, a purple that you shouldn’t shy away from (blend under your waterline or subtly on the outer corner with some lighter shades). Every shade has a hidden attribute (they turn metallic or get brighter and more shimmery) once you add a drop of water, so be sure to play around with them!

Perfect for you if: You like to be versatile and love creating unique looks with metallic, shimmery and stand out colours.


#3 Stila In The Moment Eye Shadow Palette

This palette is cute, but it also packs a punch. The shades are highly pigmented and rich, which means a little goes a long way, lighter colours are perfect for opening eyes (dot some in the inner corner) shimmery caffeine colours and dark browns are perfect for creating a golden smoky look, while the jewel tone additions of purple and pink add something different and fun.

Perfect for you if: You’re a fan of creating cute looks and opt for pinks and purples to create depth.

#4 Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eye Shadow Palette In Currant Desire

With just 5 colours, this palette is small but don’t underestimate it. The Currant Desire palette has all the shades you’ll need this season, from rich burgundy to a creamy shimmering white. Each shade has a purpose, mid tones shape and contour, rich tones define and create a smoky look, these shades are almost creamy and they blend effortlessly!

Perfect for you if: You don’t like getting too technical with your eye make-up and prefer a palette that is simple but beautiful.


#5 Hourglass Modernist Eye Shadow Palette in Graphite

A truly quirky eyeshadow palette, this one is almost too beautiful to dip your brush in. There are five shades, mattes, shimmers and pearlescent shades, so you can create a truly galactic look. You’ll be able to get a lot on your brush with this layout, and create some really great looks for the party season, especially using the deep glittering gold colour.

Perfect for you if: You like dramatic eye looks with little-fuss, you don’t want 20 colours you’ll never use but a few carefully chosen shades you can play with.


#6 Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Self-Made’ Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of brow products, and this limited edition eye palette proves that they know exactly what you want when buying an eyeshadow palette. You’ll get 14 shades varying from rose gold to seafoam green. Some colours are better as buildable or blending colours, while others beg to be used on their own.

Perfect for you if: You live for creating eye looks that go beyond smoky, you need dramatic colours to line your waterline and you love blending metallics with pops of colour.
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