The Best Facebook Groups To Hangout In For Entrepreneurs


So you’ve decided 2017 is the year to be a Career Girl, an entrepreneur calling your own shots and building your own brand. It is scary, to say the least, but you are stepping out and determined to make it happen. We are with you! So what you need are many support systems and mentors in place. Love it or hate it, Facebook is a good start. Facebook groups are no stranger to most of us, although you’ve probably joined the “cat lovers” group for those irresistible meow memes. But what you may not have noticed is Facebook groups are great for connecting with like minds, sharing ideas, collaborations and motivation.

With the amount of groups out there, weeding through the noise to find the right group can be overwhelming so we’ve done the work (seeing Facebook groups in my dreams now) and have come up with a list of our faves for empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs.

1. Savvy Business Owners

With over 6,000 members, former attorney Heather Crabtree thinks you are already an awesome ladypreneurs. The members of this group are female business owners who come to chat and learn from one another and their host by sharing tips and resources you’ll find most helpful starting or growing your business.


2. Blog + Biz BFFs

Blog + Biz BFFs is a friendly hub for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to cultivate friendships and collaborate with others who want to learn, grow, and feel support from girl bosses of like minds.


3. Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

We are loving this group. From Book babe Wednesdays, Social Share Thursdays and Motivational Mondays, this group is full of support for Career Girls. With a very engaging group of over 9,000 members, this fun group is full of motivation, knowledge and cheerleaders for your business plans.

4. Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind

Kimra Luna has a great story to tell and is passionate about sharing that story with other. And her Facebook group is doing so with a thriving community of over 24,000 free-spirited entrepreneurs who support each other with questions and professional relationships.

5. The Creative’s Corner

A great space for creative entrepreneurs who are encouraged to inspire, create, engage and empower. A group focused heavily on community, the host offers Creative Genius feed Fridays for members to share posts related to your business and new members are asked to introduce themselves and your social links. Winner!

Quantity is not always quality so be selective and avoid joining several groups. Remember you are looking for a group for support and nourishment. So choose one or two that you can dedicate your time and attention too.

  1. I’ve been wondering how to go about finding some good facebook groups. So happy to see this post, and I can’t wait to check out you suggestions! Thanks so much. xxx

  2. Great suggestions! I’m part of a couple but definitely going to look into some of these :)

  3. Love this! Ive been looking for an online community of women business owners, so this was perfect! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. This is such a good list! I’m always looking for more Facebook groups to join, thanks so much :) x

    Katina |

  5. I started one for Los Angeles Entrepreneurs as well:

  6. Thanks for this as I am in the process of starting up a new site – online business venture if possible :)

  7. Awesome, I just joined a couple of these…always looking for good ideas for fellow entrepreneurs as we try to get off the ground.

  8. with the investor list growing day by day most of the start ups are getting funded from this popular facebook group

  9. LOVE this list. Facebook groups have been ESSENTIAL for my growth.

    I actually just started my own if anyone wants to hop in! Since it’s still a baby and doesn’t have 100,000s of people in it yet, it’s a lot less intimidating and easy to get help. Would love to see some people there:… ?

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