Fall Vacation Destinations For A Relaxing Break


The weather outside is frightful (or getting there depending on where you are) and the stress at work is amped up in the last few months, so a nice break is just what the doctor ordered. If you’ve got some leave left and you want to spend a little bit of your savings on a nice treat, a week away during the fall/winter period will give you a sense of restoration and make you feel rested, relaxed, and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

These five destinations need to go on your bucket list, like right now!

1. Stay in an igloo under the Northern lights

The Kakslauttanen resort


What’s nicer than staying in an insulated glass igloo watching the northern lights? Nothing screams Christmas like twinkling, sparkling snow and a crisp blue sky, and you won’t just be chilling. Fall is the best time to visit if you want to get some fresh air and space from city life. You’ll be able to go husky hiking and on a horse safari, fish, forage, and enjoy the wilderness. Book your trip here.

2. Go on a spa break in Montauk

Gurney’s Resort Montauk


Some experiences are much cheaper off-peak, like a spa break in Gurney Resorts Montauk for example. You can chill, relax, unwind and get some much needed R&R without any grey weather or cold. You won’t have to wrap a scarf around yourself here, that’s for sure. With a private beach, yoga, and detoxing spa treatments – you definitely won’t feel the end of year stress. Book your trip here.

3. Spend a couple of days in Marrakech 

The Wanderlust Bug


If you’re bored and need a change of scenery you can always pop off to Marrakech for a couple of days. At this time, you can get a great off-season deal and you can spend as long as you like there. Walk along the streets, enjoy the spices and the sights and sounds, get your Instagram photos and then come back home with fresh inspiration. Stay in the Riad Star hotel and enjoy food, heat and a well-deserved rest. Book it here.

4. Visit King’s Landing 

Dubrovnik Tours


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know that King’s Landing is filmed in Dubrovnik, a breathtaking place in Croatia that’s more than just a tourist trap. Off-season you can find Game of Thrones stores, beautiful views, amazing food, and so much to do. You can even book a Game of Thrones tour to see all your favorite locations, and if you know nothing (John Snow) about Game of Thrones, you can still take a scenic walk along old town, visit one of the breathtaking islands and take in this once in a lifetime beauty spot. Book it here.

5. Finally book that blue lagoon trip 

Blue Lagoon


I feel like the blue lagoon is on every travel round-up, and for good reason. We’ve mentioned it before and it’s definitely on our travel bucket list. With clear, crisp blue bathing full of mineral-packed mud, your skin will look seriously amazing after this break. In between bathing in the blue, you can book spa treatments ranging from massages to facials and dip in the hot springs while snow falls around you. It’s just the perfect winter season vacation. Keep it on your bucket list, or book it here.


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