How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out

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Motivating yourself to work out is hard. But it could be a lot easier! If you get yourself a fitness band, you’ll feel more accountable for your activity and find yourself smashing all your goals. But which fitness band should you get? There are so many out there it’s impossible to choose sometimes. These fitness bands all have their own special qualities that plan to step up your workouts and make you more committed to them. You can’t workout without one anymore, anyone who is anyone in the fitness world is wearing one, whether it’s around their neck or on their wrist.

Ready to smash those goals?


1. For Banishing Stress

The Bellabeat Leaf tracker is able to predict stress based on your lifestyle habits! It will alert you when it predicts stress coming on, and guide you with breathing and meditation exercises designed to help you relax. Perfect for women, it will monitor your periods and will even slowly, and soothingly wake you up. Buy it here.


2. For Running And Cycling

When synced with the mobile app, this sleek tracker lets you track your heart rate, food intake, graph your progress and figure out how to achieve your goals. It calculates distance, activity time, calories burned and steps taken throughout the day and even displays caller ID and text messages. It’s perfect for runners and cyclists! Buy it here.


3. For Swimming

A Fitbit you can actually take into the pool! So if you’re less of a runner and more of a swimmer, you can finally track your progress. Hurrah! It covers all the usual bases of step monitoring, calories, how long you’re active and your sleep, But Fitbit’s SmartTracker will automatically pick up when you’re working out, saving you all the trouble! And for the girl that doesn’t like wearing the band, did we mention it fits nicely into a necklace? Buy it here.


4. For overall wellness

This watch literally has it all, whilst still upholding the traditional clock face it also tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep! If you prefer a watch to a fitness tracker, you can swim, run, walk, and sleep with this watch. It has a silent alarm to start your day gently, and the best thing about it is it comes with an app for real-time coaching! Buy it here.


5. For Beginners

If you’re just beginning your fitness band obsession, this is a good place to start without spending a lot of money. Misfit keeps it basic and simple and will grow as your fitness regime grows. Or, if you’re fitness routine is simple and not too complex, it will suit you just fine! Buy it here.


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  1. So glad fit devices you wear on your wrist finally got a clock function… why was it not there originally?!? I had a charge for over a year and loved it — the heart rate function was a great way to see how tough my yoga classes really were!
    Viv |

  2. Finding the motivation for work out is… Yeah. Not that easy. I admit to be a bit of a gadget/utensil girl. New sports bra could do the trick, for a while. ;)

    I have a heart rate monitor, one of those that’s strapped around my torso and it connects to my iPhone. I’ve been curious to get a fitbit or something like that. One that really interests me is something that would track my sleep (if I would learn to sleep with something around my wrist). Thanks for sharing.

    Mervi |

  3. I love how there are a number of options here, but I find that a lot of people get caught up with exercising or doing something because their tracker says that they should… instead of doing it because it’s healthy. None the less, if you’re struggling then it’s a great way to get started!

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