How To Have The Best Halloween Weekend Ever


Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which is quite a killer (no pun intended!). If you celebrated last night, you should know that the whole spooky ordeal is not yet over. If you’re wondering how to celebrate the weekend from home (with no alcohol – it’s Sunday after all!) here are some of our favorite Halloween posts…

Decorate (if you haven’t already!)

This Halloween will be the most expensive yet, if you haven’t decorated your home in preparation for tomorrow, what are you waiting for? There’s no better way to feel seasonal when the trick or treaters come knocking than with some Halloween decor. Here are our favorites that won’t break the bank!

How To Decorate Your Home For Halloween


Get your makeup game on point.

Are you dressing up for work (or after) on Halloween? I know a lot of people who are still planning their outfit for tomorrow night, even though they have work the next day! You don’t have to go all out, we picked a couple of makeup tutorials that you can probably do with what you have lying at home!

3 Incredible Halloween Beauty Tutorials 


Get your outfit on point.

Still going out? You go, girl! We know that even though it’s Halloween, you want to be fashionable, which is why we created a list of our favorite on-trend outfit ideas. If you’re accompanying the little ones or going out on your own adventure, these outfits are drop-dead gorgeous. . .

How To Be Fashionable This Halloween


Spend a quiet night in.

We get it, it kinda sucks that Halloween falls on a Monday and you probably did all your partying yesterday, so if you want to spend a spooky night in – we’ve got your back. This throwback article will give you everything you need to have a great night in.

8 Ways To Spend A Quiet (But Spooky) Night In This Halloween



Read some creepy books.

Got your kindle to hand? Why not download one of these creepy books and get immersed in a different world. We did a round-up of our favorites, from classics to modern fiction. From ghost stories to the supernatural, every story on this list is designed to keep you on edge and get your heart racing. So if you aren’t sure what to do, curl up on the sofa and get ready to be scared.

These Creepy Books Are Perfect For Halloween



Watch some seriously scary films.

Netflix has upped the game this year, with a whole host of seriously terrifying movies in its library, you don’t have to feel bad about staying in and watching all these movies behind your pillow. These are our favorites. WARNING: They are scary.

The Scariest Movies On Netflix Right Now

What do you think? Best Halloween weekend ever?


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