The Best Healthy Vacation Destinations For Detoxing And Recharging


It’s vacation booking season. If you aren’t already thinking of getting away, you’re pinning photographs of sun, sea, and sand, onto your travel Pinterest board. But wouldn’t it be nice to go somewhere that’ll relax your mind, body, and soul? To take a life-changing journey and look after yourself while enjoying a vacation?

We think so, too. Grab a moment of calm and imagine yourself at one of these six incredible wellness resorts. Something to save for!


Relax in the blue lagoon 


You can’t get any better than relaxing in the geothermal spa in Iceland. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience and one of the 25 wonders of the world. If you need to detox and recharge, you should breathe the crisp, clear, air and have an in-water massage while you treat your skin to the minerals in the lagoon. Check the website here.


Get a massage in the rainforest 


Near St Lucia’s World Heritage-listed Pitons, the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach is truly the epitome of relaxation. Have a massage in amongst trees and mountains, reflect on the stresses of everyday life and relax before meeting a fitness professional and enjoying windsurfing, boot camp, yoga and interval training in the beautiful hills surrounding the resort. This place is seriously the dream. Find the website here.


Take a red wine bath or a thermal bath at the ancient spa 


If New York is too local for you, there are Aire Ancient Spas in Barcelona, Seville, Almeria, and Vallromanes offering unique treatments and indulgences. The red wine bath is a private antique thermal tub, you can soak in your favorite drink, hydrate your skin and enjoy a scalp and facial massage during. The perfect way to escape city life! Find the website here.

Try some aerial yoga in Arizona 


If you want to experience the feeling of ‘getting back to yourself’, you need a retreat that will focus on every aspect of you. Miraval resort in Arizona does just that. Focus on your health and go for a hike in the desert followed by some aerial yoga, have a massage, get expert skincare advice, have your nails done and take a dip in the body mindfulness pool.

You can also take a culinary class and enjoy the foods that will make you more mindful while you’re there. There’s really no reason not to book. Find the website here.


Book a wellness coach and plunge into the cold pool in Utah

This beautiful resort will help you get your wellness on track. You can meet with a wellness coach who’ll help tailor your experience to your needs and demands, try full moon yoga, enjoy the steam room and dip into the pool, and try floatation therapy before your massage. Goals. Find the website here.


Meditate and unwind in a castle in Italy 


This impressive looking castle has been transformed into a resort that’ll make you never want to come back home. Situated in Italy, it’s romantic culture will help you feel more alive and at one with nature. Partnering with Aromatherapy Associates, the treatments you get in the spa will be the key to a stress-free, relaxed vibe.

Once you’re done dipping in the pool, why not try a ‘clear your mind’ treatment? Combining chamomile and the Destress mind oil, this is the treatment for busy Career Girls. Find the website here.


You don’t just need a spa to get back on track, although it would be nice. You also need to work on your goals and visions. The Career Girl Academy can help you out! On Sunday 29, January 2017, Career Girl Daily will come to life at the coolest hotspot in London and help you make this year your best ever! Reserve a guaranteed place when you book your tickets to this event here.

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  • dreamofadventures

    Yes to all of the above! =o)

  • Kristina

    These sound ideal! Can I keep on dreaming that one day I’ll do them all?

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • Diana Youn

    Would love to try aerial yoga one day!

    Diana |

  • Preris Life

    Wow! Spectacular locations! Would love to go and visit each one of them some day! :)

  • Jocelyne Shults

    I may have to try Yoga in Arizona for sure. Wow sounds amazing. -Jocelyne from

  • Bee

    That pool in Utah looks incredible!


  • Inma

    I wish I could go to every place in that list! I go on a yoga retreat every year now and it’s the best investment in myself I could do. There are so many all around the world and usually meet some amazing friends along the way as well!

    Inma x

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