6 Hottest Industries To Start A Business Right Now




Ever thought of starting up your own business? Setting out on a business venture voyage is certainly no small feat and there will be plenty of food for thought.

One of the biggest obstacles is the masses of competition around, especially if the market is already S-A-T-U-R-A-T-E-D.

Take advantage of this year’s rapidly expanding industries and you may find yourself way ahead of any future competitors!




1) Corporate Wellness

Estimated to be a $7.2 billion market, the U.S. corporate wellness industry consists of companies that provide workplace programs designed to support healthy behavior (anything from quitting smoking to stress management).

I guess it’s a good way to reduce sick days and lower health care costs. The hardest part of getting into the industry is having to pay and team up with health care specialists, nutritionists, and physical trainers in order to create the program – unless you’re already qualified in the above!

The business buffs expect it to boom between now and 2020.

 2) Food

Everyone loves food (and drinks), period, and people are always looking for the next best food fad. If you can be a bit of a kitchen Frankenstein and create something unique you can turn it into a business idea with brilliant branding, well you could be a huge success! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t invent Baconnaise before anyone else did.

Now the not so exciting, but rapidly growing and innovative food part -food analytics- where companies develop smart kitchen products or devices that help with food inventory management.

Because no burger truck wants to run out of buns, or there will be hell to pay!

3) Babies

Because we’re now in the era of parents wanting gluten-free, organic, vegan nappies and baby food. Now is the perfect opportunity to pounce on some niche product. Reinvent nappies?

Americans on average spend $2500 a year just on diapers and formula, so some new super-duper magic diaper which makes poop just disappear and never needs changing would have parents bowing down to you.

4) 3-D Printing

The fast-growing industry worth $5.165 billion in 2015 doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down anytime soon. Not only is it an industrial revolution where manufacturers are printing made to order parts, but you can print anything!

Think of all the possibilities, bespoke jewelry? Kids toys?

5) Design

Small businesses that specialize in interior, industrial and graphic design are flourishing. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but the value of a product or business’ function has become linked to design and appearance.

So if you have a flair for art and a creative mind then maybe you consider starting up a design company or go freelance.

6) Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers are in demand at the moment, recruiters are going bonkers to try and sniff out some new techie talent, especially ones trained in certain new software for businesses.

It’s certainly a male dominated field currently and I’m not too sure why.

It’s a very smart career route to go down and you can do brilliantly going down the self-employed route.

You never know where it’s going to take you. Take Cindy Chu who joined Polyvore five years ago as an engineer, rose through the ranks and became their Director of Engineering. She never realized that her love of Computer Science would lead her down the fashion route, as you wouldn’t expect fashion and IT to go hand in hand!



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  • Tess Wicks | Words + Money

    Great ideas! I love the corporate wellness market. There’s so much we can do to improve the health and wellness of the corporate culture (especially when most are strapped to a desk for a majority of the day).

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • Elise

    Great post! Food for thought… ;) x


  • Sofia Isaksson

    Love this post! Food for SURE.


  • Fernweh Society

    This is great! I think another business area to add to the mix is something for an aging population! There are definitely going to be some elderly high rollers looking to spend money!


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