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There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, kicking your feet up and switching on your guilty pleasure. With such busy working lives, it’s important to find time for yourself and switch off! And now it’s the weekend you can do exactly that – and in style! But, with so many options on Netflix, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to decide what to watch!

So, instead of checking those late night emails, grab your snacks, cozy up on the sofa and just relax. Because we’ve got some choices for you! From thrillers to nature stories, we’ve done all the searching so you don’t have to! So, for the best Netflix documentaries out there all you need to do is scroll:



Louis Theroux 



If you haven’t heard of Louis Theroux, then get to know him, and fast! His documentaries cover everything from Scientology to porn stars. And he’s certainly not afraid to ask the questions we all want to know! Our favorite episodes include Extreme Love: Dementia, and The Most Hated Family in America.



Frozen Planet


As soon as you hear David Attenborough’s soothing tone of voice, you’ll be hooked to his documentaries. Each year, millions wait patiently for his next documentary. And with good reasoning! This stunning programme will take you on a journey to places you’ve never been before.


Making A Murderer


Not watched this yet? I suggest you cancel your after-work plans, throw on your PJ’s and binge-watch this series about the infamous Steven Avery case. In 2005, Avery was arrested and convicted of multiple crimes, one of which being murder. However, after 18 years in prison, he was released… Ok, that’s all I’m telling you before I spoil it!





This one’s a little emotional so it’s OK to have a little cry –  I was blubbering like a baby! This fascinating documentary examines the life of a performance killer whale Tilikum. Who, in captivity has been responsible for several deaths. Leading us to question his current conditions.



Diana In Her Own Words


Featuring archival footage and personal recordings, this emotional documentary offers candid insight into the life of everybody’s favorite princess. From hiring a voice coach, to improving her public appearance.


Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret


Don’t want to know what chemicals are in your Mcdonald’s cheeseburger? Then I suggest skipping past this one. There’s no surprise why veganism is such a popular trend. So, if you’re interested in the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, then get watching!


The Keepers


If you liked Making a Murderer you’ll love this thrilling documentary. It starts with the 1969 unsolved murder of a nun. A school teacher called Cathy Celnic, who is supposed to have known more than she did. And it’s the priests at the school being accused, which uncovers a web of lies and deceit beyond just one person.





Yes, another food documentary and it will put you off your lunch! But at least it will stop you snacking on what’s bad for you! This documentary tackles crime, corruption and controversy. And also the waste and the real dangers behind your everyday eating habits.


The toys that made us


We all have great memories as kids, dressing Barbie up in different outfits or creating the perfect Lego masterpiece. And this interesting documentary takes a look at some of America’s greatest toy franchises, telling the stories of the rise and, sometimes, the fall of the billion-dollar toy companies.


Amanda Knox


Amanda Knox was twice convicted and acquitted of murdering her roommate. This chilling, yet fascinating documentary includes exclusive interviews with people closest to her case and the investigation, trials, and appeals regarding her apparent involvement. Did she do it?




If you loved Blue Planet then you’ll be obsessed with this five-part nature series, again narrated by David Attenborough. From a giraffe showdown to the survival of the fittest, Africa is home to the most diverse animal life on the planet.


Chef’s table


In this Emmy-winning docuseries, find out what goes on behind the restaurant kitchen door. Each episode takes a look at the career of a particularly impressive chef and the work that goes behind their show-stopping gourmet dishes.


He Named Me Malala


If this documentary doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. It tells the story of a teenage Pakistani girl shot for her advocacy of women’s education, her survival, and her continued efforts.


India’s daughter


News that shocked the world, this powerful documentary follows the devastating story of the Delhi gang-rape and murder of Jyoti Singh. Featuring, interviews and even a confession from one of the rapists, this controversial documentary is a must-see.


Seeing All Red


This one is new to Netflix, so if you haven’t seen yet then you need to! It’s very inspiring, and even the trailer gives me chills! Human rights attorney Gloria Allred fights for the rights of women ever since she had an awful experience when she was younger. Since then, she has gone after Bill Cosy and Donald Trump and has gripped the nation. But does she do it just for the spotlight?


What are you watching right now? I’m currently obsessed with Riverdale!



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