The Shows On Netflix That Are Worth Staying In For




Here we are again, another Sunday night spent unregretfully in front of the TV in our PJs. But who can really blame us? It’s the calm down after Christmas and we are recovering from our overspending and overindulging.

And there’s no better way to this than with a relaxed night slumped out on the couch. So, why not invite your girl pals round? Because here are the best Netflix TV shows that are worth staying in for:


1. Riverdale


It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for the new episodes to drop! I’m completely obsessed and can’t wait to join the gang again after they have already solved two of the town’s biggest mysteries! Is there another one on the horizon?


2. Gavin & Stacey


I’m Welsh, so I don’t know if I’m prejudiced when I recommend this, but I truly think it’s hilarious and completely loveable! It’s an epic love story of Gavin & Stacey that has a lot of laughs from start to finish.


3. Suits


I am completely addicted! And the new season starts soon and unfortunately, it will be Meghan Markle’s last! But at least it’s not Harvey’s, who would we all drool over then? Watch the two impressive corporate lawyers Mike & Harvey cause a bit of a stir!


4. Sherlock


This series is truly magnificent and very, very addictive! It follows the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who work to solve some of London’s biggest mysteries! It’s done so brilliantly that there’s no reason you wouldn’t love it!


5. Santa Clarita Diet


This one’s a little bit of an odd one but anything with Drew Barrymore is amazing! However, in this series, her character is going through a bit of an unusual transformation that’s full of death and torment!And her perfect family is changed forever!


6. Schitt’s Creek


A wealthy family takes a turn for the worst and lose all of their money. And all of a sudden they find themselves living in Schitt’s Creek without a penny to their name, and let’s just say, it’s a bit of an adjustment. Prepare to have a good giggle!


7. Cable Girls


It’s 1920s Madrid and four women are working for the National Telephone Company and juggling romances and friendships at the same time. It shows you what it’s like to be the modern woman during their time and how exciting it really was for them.


8. Project Runway


if you’re anything like me, you love anything a little bit cheesy! And I love Project Runway! Every episode you follow designers on a mission to compete in challenges to create the best outfit! And in the end, they have to present it on a runway!


9. Bates Motel


Have you seen Pyscho? Of course, you have! And if you watch this modern prequel you will see where it all began. See Norman Bates’ unraveling psyche and his strange, unusually close relationship with his mother and be obsessed from the very first episode!


10. Alias Grace


If you loved Handmaids Tale then you will love this! Because this comes from the same writer, Margaret Atwood! But this time you’ll be following the journey of an accused Irish servant of the murder of her master! Did she do it?


11. The Confession Tapes


Totally addictive from start to finish – every episode features a criminal’s confession that they no longer stand by, whether it’s been coerced, made involuntary or is completely false. Whatever the reason it is, this series will leave you with one question; did they do it?


12. Breaking Bad


If you’ve not seen this already then where have you been? This series is one of the most addictive ever! It follows a man, whose dying of cancer and who will do anything for his family.


13. The Originals


My obsession with The Originals began with The Vampire Diaries. If you know, you know! It’s a great series following the three infamous, original vampires, who return back to their home; New Orleans. But that’s not all there is…


14. Peaky Blinders


Peaky Blinders is so good that even my mum recommended it to me! And there’s definitely a lot to obsess over. It’s not only full of heartthrobs, buts it’s a highly addictive show about one of the most violent gangs in Britain; the original Peaky Blinders, who wore peaked flat caps.


15. Happy Valley


Crime dramas are my absolute favorites! And let me tell you, Happy Valley is very good, very roar and very real! This series will not only touch your heart but it will keep you on the edge of your seat too.


16. La Mante


If there’s one thing to be sure of it, it’s that you’ll be on the edge of your seat with this one! As an imprisoned serial killer, decades after her arrest is asked to help solve a series of copycat murders that are exactly the same to hers. Can she help?


17. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles


Lizzie Borden is not the sweet innocent lady you may think she is. She’s been cleared of the charges against her for the murder of her parents, but now Lizzie Borden is about to take on drug lords and detectives without fear. And if you’re a fan of Christina Ricci, you will love her in this dark tale.


18. Derek


Incredibly heartwarming, Rocky Gervais not only writes but stars in this light-hearted series that will remind you how important it is to be kind! Meet Derek, who is not your usual guy, but one that you will fall in love with!


19. The Returned


Trust me when I tell you that this series is amazing! But I must prepare you, there’s only one season, which will leave you definitely hungry for more. It’s all about these locals in one town who have been dead, or missing for years who suddenly all reappear again.


20. Hannibal


A prestigious criminal profiler needs extra help on a case, he needs a psychiatrist who can help him dive deeper into the minds of serial killers. Que Hannibal, who has a few dark secrets of his own as you may already know…


What are you going to watch? Let me know in the comments below…


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  1. Loads of great suggestions, I’ve only watched Riverdale. I’m always hunting for amazing shows to binge watch. Grace and Frankie is another great one if you enjoy light hearted humour.

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