The Best New Shows On Netflix This Fall


Light the candles, exfoliate your elbows and spend the night in. As career girls, it’s important to get a well-needed and well-deserved break after a five-day working week. And if you’re struggling on what to watch, look no further! These new series on Netflix are great for the relaxed vibe we all crave from time to time.


Luke Cage


Marvel has been stepping out lately on the superhero series and this one is its latest. If you are a lover of adventures and suspense, this new series is definitely for you. Luke is another superhero defending the big apple with an interesting power hidden away. Will definitely make you wish you had superpowers…or is that just me?

Haters Back Off


So here’s the good news. This new series delves into the life of Miranda, created by the YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, and it’s hilarious! The series depicts what it’s like starting from the ground up as a YouTube creator and personality while staying true to yourself and continuing to pursue your dream despite the haters. Similar to what we tend to face day to day. But there is sad news – it’s available in the US and Canada only.

Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids


Am I the only one taken back to the days of N’ SYNC when it comes to JT? This documentary exposes the depths of his talents and the physical and mental processes of his last tour. You witness the hard work, laughter, and support that go on backstage to produce an amazing performance. A total must-see that may end up having you dancing and singing out loud. The energy in this one is contagious.




Frequency is amazing, it tells the story of detective Raimy Sullivan, whose father died when she was 8. By some miracle, she finds out she can communicate with her father through his radio in the garage, the two become an unlikely cop duo, but what they change has severe consequences to Remy’s life.

The Fall



The suspense! If you are a ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Damages’ series lover, this show is the one for you. We are waiting patiently for the next series to be released but in the meantime, catch up! You’ll be glad to be up-to-speed with this amazing new crime series. The content this new season is exciting, comical, inspirational, romantic, and suspenseful.

Your Netflix this fall is set! What other shows do you have lined up?



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  1. The fall sounds right up my alley. Loving Luke Cage, but I don’t think its quite as good as Jessica Jones just yet

    – Natalie

  2. Just started Luke Cage, very interesting so far. I love Gillian Anderson from her X-Files days and I’ve heard great things about The Fall – I think that will have to be next on my list!

    Hillary |

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