The Best Period Dramas To Watch On Netflix This Weekend


There’s nothing like escaping into a world of the past, we all have a little fascination with the olden days, thanks to books and films like Pride and Prejudice. If you want to rest this weekend while daydreaming about petticoats and the drama of the old days, these are the absolute best period dramas to watch on Netflix.

The Crown

This Netflix-original drama chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. From the age of 25 onwards, it shows all the major milestones in the Queen’s life, it’s dramatic, romantic and very realistic. You’ll definitely get sucked in.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Fledgling detective Phryne Fisher has sharp wit and a pearl-handled pistol. She fights injustice in Melbourne during the 1920s. She’s glamorous and takes no crap, navigating through the city’s underbelly and trying to keep the man she believes is responsible for her sister’s disappearance behind bars.

North & South

Another grumpy guy and headstrong girl story. If you like romances, this tv series, based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell, it focuses on Margaret Hale, who had to leave her tranquil home and move to an industrial town, witnessing the brutal world brought on by the industrial revolution. She makes friends with the workers organizing strikes, and clashes with John Thornton, a cotton mill manufacturer of a higher class who doesn’t care about the workers he employs.

Dancing on the edge

Set in 1930s London, this follows a group of black jazz musicians, the Louis Lester Band, as it finds fame performing in front of London’s elite. The band gets entangled in a shadowy world and results in a suspected murder that could ruin their career.

The Bletchley Circle

Set in 1952, “The Bletchley Circle” tells of four women who have returned to normal lives after working at Bletchley Park, the site where the Germans’ famous cypher was broken by British mathematicians and code breakers during World War II. One of them notices a pattern to the murders of several women, the police don’t take her seriously, so she enlists her former friends and cryptographers to investigate the cases.

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