15 Phone Cases You Need This Spring

photo: Casetify


Our mobile devices have become a key necessity in our everyday lifestyles. Whether its use is to keep us in touch with our loved ones, or if you use it as part of your work updating social media. Our phones are with us everywhere we go.

Whilst phones such as iPhones and Samsung galaxies are getting more sleek and chic, it doesn’t reveal much about our own individual style. If you’re accessorizing your ears, in my opinion, you may as well accessorize your phone with some beautiful cases. Not only do they provide your phone from any smashes but also it can help jazz up any outfit you’re wearing! Here are fifteen phone cases you need to check out right now!


1. Hop to it

Casetify Boho Bunny ($36) available here

2. Dress your tech with art

Kate Spade Crystal Floral Bella ($22.50) available here for here.

3. Embrace the spring

Urban Outfitters Buncha Flowers ($26) available it here.

4. Get some glitter

Kate Spade New York Orange ($55) available here.

5. A gentle reminder

Sonix Quit Stressing Meowt Case ($35) available here.

6. Dress your phone in designer

Dolce & Gabanna Printed Textured Leather iPhone 7 case($195) available here.

7. Gucci all the way

Gucci Adonis Floral Print Textured iPhone 6 Plus Case ($290) available here.

8. Embrace embroidery

Zero Gravity Gather iPhone 7 Wallet ($34) available here.

9. Go mad for Miu Miu

Miu Miu Printed Metallic Textured Leather iPhone 6 Case ($175) available here.

10. Take the perfect selfie

Lumee Duo LED Lighted iPhone 6/7 Plus Case ($70) available here.

11. Skinnydip saves the day

Skinnydip Palm Print iPhone Case ($19) available here.

12. A case with sass

Sonix Don’t Touch Phone Case ($35) available here.

13. Marble every day

Signature Abstract Marble Pink iPhone 7 Case ($13) available here.

14. A case for celebration

Rebecca Minkoff Beach Icon Glitter Fall iPhone 7 Case ($40) available here.

15. A case for coffee lovers

Recover The Coffee iPhone 6 Case ($24) available here.


Which case is your fave? Let us know in the comments below…

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  • Kathy Johnson

    I liked the palm fronds, but I don’t have an IPhone