8 Gorgeous Planners That Will Help You Get Ahead Next Year

best planners 2017
photo: camille de dampierre


Sometimes all you need is a beautiful planner to get things in order. A notebook, pad, or agenda with a beautiful cover is full of promise and ready to carry all your thoughts, dreams, wishes and goals into the new year.

If you’re anything like us, you’re a planning addict. So here are a few gorgeous planners to see you through the year!




I Am Very Busy 2017 planner, Available here.

This 17-month planner has a cover that gets you, it has weekly and monthly calendar overviews, a pocket for notes, receipts and other things and colorful stickers and quotes to keep you going. It’s vibrant, fun, and will keep you optimistic for the whole year!





Smythson 2017 planner, Available here.

If you need a classic fashionable planner, the Smythson designs haven’t changed much since 1908. Simple leather design and crisp gilded paper, with a week overview, silk pocket for collecting business cards and a design you won’t be embarrassed to take with you to work, this is the ultimate career girl planner.




Oh Snap Leather Journal, Available here.

This beautiful leather patchwork journal is perfect for all your goals if you’re not a fan of yearly planners you can simply write the date and all your to-dos in one go. The soft fabric exterior is seriously cool and it even comes with a built-in place-marker.




Daydream Believer journal, Available here.

If you need a journal that embraces peaceful summer vibes, this one will give you some serious calm every time you look at it. Cool blue waves help to remind you that you believe in daydreams. This is the perfect notebook to plan your thought, dreams, genius business ideas and grateful thoughts in.



Classic marble journal, Available here.

You can’t beat a classic marble journal, this one is a true sell out. With a crisp marble design and silver edged pages, this cute marbled journal is the perfect accompaniment to your busy life.




Be Still Water Study Journal,  Available here.

This journal might not have week and day overviews, but it’s perfect for laying out your life on blank paper. It’s a chic study journal that features a pretty watercolor artwork by Cindy Hilliard. It might just be the prettiest thing in your bag.



Constellation notebook set, Available here.

If you want to embrace the cosmos and get a little bit galactic, this constellation notebook is perfect for planning your life. Every time you look at this sparkly, beautiful journal, you’ll be motivated to keep working hard!




Diary of a young lady of fashion , Available here.

Want to be a lady of fashion? Channel your inner Vogue editor with this ultra chic lady of fashion planner. It’s impeccably chic and will accompany you on all your fashionable adventures.

Find more amazing planners here


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  • CiaraRose

    Absolutely love these planners, especially the patchwork design! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be looking into getting one of these very soon as I need to get organised for the new year! XX

    Ciara Rose | http://www.ciara-rose.com | Bloglovin’ ♥

  • Pareen

    All of these planners are lovely! My favorite is the constellation notebook set.


  • Jana Gr.

    I spontaneously bought the last one the other day because it caught my eye … well, it’s pink and gold

  • Natalie Harney

    That patchwork number is gorgeous

    – Natalie

  • Mama Sow

    Just know that the link you sent in your newsletter doesn’t work :) thanks for the great content

  • Mila S

    The last pink one!!🙌🏼🙌🏼 Getting it.

    x Mila

  • Cristina

    Who would pay $260 for a freaking planner?! I mean… you fill it only once, next year you need a new one.

    Cristina | *janded