7 Podcasts That We Can’t Stop Talking About


We are no strangers to podcasts in the office, but since the new year started we’re trading those corny Taylor Swift songs to something a little more serious. We are so obsessed with them at the moment that everyone has their headphones in listening to a podcast whilst working through their todos. And why not? Why not learn as you work and improve on yourself! Check out these best podcasts that are teaching us so much right now:


1. Yes to life
Tara Brach


This year I’m really taking the time to focus on me and be a calmer, more relaxed person. No one likes feeling stressed and sometimes it can be hard to just relax. But Tara Brach’s podcasts are supposed to really help ground you, make you more present and help you unwind. Find it here.


2. This Is Your Life
by Michael Hyatt


Want to know how to be a better delegator? What about becoming a morning person? You can do this and more with Michael Hyatt. He will show you how to inject energy into your life and most importantly your mornings. He will gear you up with career advice that will change the way you work. Listen here.


3. Being Boss
by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon


If you’re looking to turn your dream into your career then this podcast will help you make that happen. If you’re motivated and ready to take leap then prepare to get serious! So, if you want to be the boss of your dream and run your own business then start here.


4. How Did You Get Into That?
with Grant Baldwin


Ever wondered how a certain person got to where they are today? And wondered how can it be that easy? Sometimes it would be nice to get a little advice or hear the steps they took to success. Well now you can, these podcasts interview the experts who talk about their journeys and inspire you to take the next step. Listen here.


5. The biggest reason why startups succeed
with Bill Gross


But it got him curious as to why some companies fail. And after intense data collection from hundreds of companies included his own he found one consistent thing! Want to know what it is? Listen here.


6. How to make hard choices
with Ruth Chang


One of the hardest things in life can be making hard decisions. What path should you go down? Is this the career you want to pursue? And listening to this podcast will change your life and help you make those crucial choices confidently. They’re only hard because we think about them the wrong way. Listen here.


7. Marketing School
with Neil Patel and Eric Siu


Ready to go back to school? This podcast will teach you how to succeed in the digital world. Neil and Eric will take you through the basics of analytics, how to reach a huge audience, and how to use social media accounts to boost whatever it is you’re working on. This podcast is a game-changer, definitely one you should try out. With bite-sized lessons, you can listen wherever you are. Check it out here.


Which podcasts do you listen to? Share your recommendations with us!



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  1. Two of my favorites are Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Happier in Hollywood with Liz Craft and Sarah Fain

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