The Best Podcasts To Listen To Right Now


Looking for the best podcasts to listen to right now? The best ones keep you up, make you race for just one more episode, have you telling your friends and family they just have to listen – and we’ve got news for you if you’re looking for something new to fill up your time…these are binge-worthy.

1. Serial 

Serial was probably the first binge-worthy podcast out there. Three seasons, three stories. It features different crime cases, you hear from the people who are involved and the facts are presented in a very unbiased way. This piece of investigative journalism will have you hooked.

2. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Navigating the world of modern dating can be frustrating. This podcast by Nicole Byer is like listening to your best friend talk about dates, apps, open relationships and more. It’s definitely one to listen to if you need a sympathetic ear after a bad date.

3. The Mysterious Mr. Epstein

If the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing fascinates you, you will love this. It unpacks everything and delivers a few blows that you probably haven’t heard about in the media. Definitely worth a listen.

4. Spooked

In trying to stay away from creepy podcasts, I landed on Spooked and knew I had to share. If you love to gather around a digital campfire and hear spooky stories – you’re gonna love this. Who doesn’t love the thrill of being genuinely creeped out?

5. The Daily

Why not get your news of the day in an easily digestible podcast? The Daily breaks down the top stories of the day and makes it easy to get to grips with what’s going on in the world right now.

6. 1619

This five-part series examines what it really means to be black in America. It examines slavery, how it changed the course of history. Definitely

This five-part New York Times series by Hannah Nicole-Jones dives into the economic, social, health, and political impact of being black in America. It examines the way slavery changed the course of history, and it’s a must-listen for literally everyone.


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