A Daily Self-Care Routine To Help You Rest And Recharge

Right now with everything going on, we’re looking for the best self care routines. This is the perfect time to make yourself on top of your priorities and take more time to listento your needs. 

If you are feeling stressed, uncentered, lost … then you are reading the right article for you. The following self care practices will help you stay focused, get in touch with yourself and most of all reach an inner balance. They can be implemented in your morning or night routine, and most importantly they can be adapted to your life rhythm.

1. Manage your thoughts and emotions

Write down your thoughts and emotions regularly. To be effective you can include this in one of your daily routines (morning or night). The act of putting your ideas on paper has the power to liberate your brain and feel more centered. As a consequence, this will help you determine the pattern of your thoughts, what triggers your emotional reactions, and most importantly what behaviors result from it.

For this, we recommend the Stress Less Journal. A stress and anxiety journal perfect for dealing with emotions and getting back to your best self. Use the Stress Less Journal to write down your daily journals, anxieties, thoughts, and feelings. In the long term, this will have a great positive impact on your thinking flow and will make you feel recentered.

2. Take a mo’ to just breathe

Take time each day to focus on your breathing, this is something you can do multiple times a day. Fully breathe in, hold your breath, and breathe out slowly. And as you are doing so, focus only on the sound and movement of your breathing and try not to focus on your thoughts. If it helps you can set the ambiance before by lighting a candle or playing some music. This practice, once implemented will guarantee a more focused and present attitude.

3. Start planning ahead

Planning your days will free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and worries. Planning is one of the best self care routines you can get into. Once you have a clear vision of what you have to accomplish the next day, you will not stress over tiny things that can be controllable in real life: the keyword here is to keep your to-do list simple and realistic, and most importantly leave some space for unexpected events.


Stress Less Journal


Getting Stuff Done Planner


Daily Planner


4. Get your blood pumping

Whether it is sports, dance, or just walking around your block, moving your body helps you free your mind and focus on one task only. The more your body moves, the more your brain creates serotonin, which is responsible for regulating your mood and feeling lighter and happier.

5. Stick to a routine

As human beings, there is nothing that makes us feel grounded more than routines. They are energy savers for our brains and give us more mental space to focus on complex tasks or deal with irregular or new situations. To make the most out of your routines, make sure they are short, structured, and well-sequenced.

6. Find time for something you love

Exercise an activity that you like and enjoy, it can be reading, watching a movie, writing, or playing an instrument. Once you are focused on a task that you enjoy, you lose track of time and your brain is not limited by time or any other constraints. When your mind is free of any expectations and just enjoys what it is doing, there is a great feeling of lightness and calmness that settles in that you just need to enjoy and be present.


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