Ten Beauty Products That Changed My Life

photo: Herbivore Botanicals


In the quest for perfect skin (no breakouts or dry patches please!) and makeup that looks good no matter how fast I apply it, I’ve tried just about everything. Serums, sprays, lotions, and potions have been generously applied to my face. Some things really didn’t agree with me (I even suffered from rosacea from using too many products!).

But I’m still trying things, so here’s my top-ten list of products that changed my life.

1. My favorite night-time cream

This cream really is magic. I use it overnight to help hydrate my skin and protect it a little bit, especially when it’s not behaving and it’s looking a little flakey or dry. I like to use it every single night, and I’m not willing to find out how my skin would look without it. On hormonal (or just bad) days, I use it as a mask, putting extra cream on my face. It’s almost like an emollient cream, smells amazing and really works. Buy it here.

2. A daytime moisturizer that will make your skin perfect

I use this as a daytime moisturizer. I was really skeptical when I first saw it, it smells like other good moisturizers that don’t work for my skin. A nice smell, like floral and antiseptic, but those types of products usually contain fragrances and alcohol that make my skin sting. But I was so wrong about it, and that’s why I love it. It instantly hydrates my skin and you don’t have to use much of it at all. It’s the only moisturizer that stops my foundation from drying out and it’s affordable, too! Buy it here.

3. The skin care device that I take everywhere with me

When I first got my FOREO device a while back, I was pretty stunned. My skin looked so good, even my best friend said so (and she rarely compliments me!). I haven’t been using one for a while (I need a new one!) but looking back at old photos of me with no makeup on I know the FOREO was worth it. I’m quite intrigued by the Luna go because I definitely want to take it with me on my travels! Buy it here.

4. A primer that seriously gives you perfect skin

This is a fairly new one. We included this beauty in the goodie bag for the last Career Girl Academy (keep your eyes peeled for the next one!) and I started using it last week. After a few seconds, it dries sticky, which is amazing for resurfacing your skin. The product description is actually true, it blurs pores, hides wrinkles and gives your skin a new flawless surface to put foundation on. Buy it here.

5. The best cleanser for sensitive skin

Cleansing for me was a nightmare. At one time, I really thought I just shouldn’t bother with skincare products because they cause breakouts and are too stripping and harsh on my skin. Luckily, I’ve tweaked and tried new things. This Micellar water is liquid gold, buy it if you want a hydrating, kind cleanser that won’t leave your skin dry or irritated. Buy it here.

6. A charcoal skin treatment with a twist

I use this charcoal mask in my weekly bathing ritual now. I know my skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up after a week, so I like to use this charcoal ‘pore pudding’. Not only does it clean my pores and give my skin a bit of a glow, it’s perfect because it has extra hydrating benefits. I want to be a part of the charcoal trend but I don’t like how drying and damaging those peel off masks can be (don’t do them!). So this is the perfect alternative. Buy it here.

7. The skin spray I always keep at the office

This coconut water spray is the just what my skin needs throughout the day. If I can feel my skin getting tight or my makeup looking a little tired I just spritz this over my skin. I actually keep this in the office because it not only refreshes my skin, it also relaxes and calms me. Buy it here.

8. A super luxurious facial serum

When I read the description of this serum I knew I had to buy it. Hearing that seven million toxins accumulate on the skin every day made me feel a bit ill, so I wanted something that would regenerate my skin as well as banish the effects of pollution. Although it’s a bit pricey, it really does work for any age or skin type. This serum helps my skin look more energized and alive, especially on a Monday morning. Life-saver! Buy it here.

9. The growth serum that keeps my lashes extra long

People often tell me that I’m lucky that I don’t need false eyelashes. But I have a secret, and it’s this lash serum. After a while of using drying mascara they were a shadow of their former selves, so I went out and got this lash serum (thanks to the five-star reviews!) and never looked back. My lashes are longer and thicker and without mascara they look like eyelash extensions. Plain and simple this stuff works! Buy it here.

10. A spray that’ll keep your skin young and pretty

I haven’t had a chance to try the Urban Decay sprays yet, but this one is my go-to. It sets makeup (so you don’t have to use the age old hairspray trick) is cooling and soothing and best of all contains SPF 50 protection. I like to know I’m protected from the sun when I’m walking around all day, particularly as the sun can seriously age you. This is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion, it doesn’t ruin your makeup at all. Buy it here.


Which products changed your life? Let us know…

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  • Amy M

    I love the Urban Decay setting spray but combining a mist and spf in one is genius! ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  • Amelie

    I love them all <3


  • Kayley

    I love the garnier miceller water, it’s has made a quick cleanse when I need it so easy, so I always have a decent skincare routine no matter how busy I get! I have a few nip and fab products I enjoy so I may have to try the primer!

  • Koko

    Great selection.