This Tea Will Make Your Skin Glow

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We are constantly seeking the answer for perfect skin, we want to glow! Your skin often reflects your health, so whilst a good diet, exercise, and drinking lots of water can do wonders for your skin. What if I told you, you could sip on this tea daily to ensure your complexion shines bright like a diamond?

1. Oooooh Oolong 

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea and ranges in a wide selection of flavors. From almost honey like sweetness to a roasted woody taste. However, there’s more to oolong tea than the taste! It full of health and beauty benefits! Improving the condition of your skin, from dark spots to sun damage! If you want to look more youthful, bright-eyed or even have a bout of eczema, give oolong tea a shot!

2. Skin solution

Put down that serum that cost you hundreds of dollars, and try out this cheap fix first. Drinking a few cups of this magic tea per day has shown in a Japanese study this tea’s ability to vastly improve skin conditions including eczema and brightness.

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3. Vitality 

If you regularly consume enough oolong tea (aim for around three cups a day) you should definitely start to see some improvements in your skin’s complexion. You should glow girl! Not only will it improve the tone and color of your skin to look more bright, but also the elasticity of your skin! However, that is not the only benefit to your skin, as the polyphenols present in the tea will also help to protect you from exposure to the sun!

But oolong tea is also great for detoxification, meaning this tea will help to flush out any toxins and the free radicals are eliminated. Then, your skin will thank you in the best way and reward you with beautiful skin! So if you want to illuminate your life and skin, start brewing girl!

4. Other benefits 

However, there are so much more benefits to oolong tea. It’s literally a miracle tea. I don’t know how I’ve functioned without it for so long.

5. Weight loss

Oolong tea gives your metabolism an amazing boost, which means you’re going to burn calories so much faster even two hours after drinking it! But oolong contains polyphenols which block enzymes that build fat! It’s literally a fat stopper. As long as you keep the sweeteners and sugars to a minimum this tea will get your bum into those old jeans you never thought you’d wear again!

6. Wide awake

Like a lot of tea, oolong tea helps to boost your energy, however, oolong tea contains very little caffeine! Even if you drink three to four cups you will be fine! Which means oolong tea is great if you still want to drink a tea but you suffer from anxiety! So start your mornings with a mug of oolong tea and boost your metabolism for the day whilst being energized to tackle any mud life throws at you!

7. Hairy situation 

Due to the high level of antioxidants in this tea, your hair will not only get stronger but also shinier. Whether simply through drinking the tea or making a tea rinse for your hair with the leftover leaves (very good for preventing hair loss!), this tea is guaranteed to make a difference to your hair game.  Say goodbye to bad hair days ladies!

8. Oo-Longing for a purchase?

Almost every grocery store will stock oolong tea, or order it on amazon or a tea shop if you’re looking for a high-quality brew. To brew simply add a teaspoon of the leaves to a cup of boiling water, let it brew for three to four minutes and then strain. Voila, enjoy your healthy cup of miracle water.

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